Sig Hanson Net Worth- Career, Personal details, Assets and more

Sig Hanson Net Worth

Sig Hanson is a renowned personality, as he is the captain of the Northwestern, a ship that specializes in capturing treacherous sea creatures. Sig is also famous on TV, as he has achieved immense popularity because of his role on the popular TV series, “The Deadliest Catch.”In this post, we have summarized fast facts about Sig Hanson Net Worth, bio details, personal life, assets, and other crucial details. Deep dive into the post happily, and let’s learn from the life of this personality.

Name Sig Hanson
Full Name Siguard Jonny Hanson
D.O.B April, 28, 1966
Age 57 in 2023
Height 5’8
Weight 80 Kg
Nationality American
Occupation Ship Captain, T.V personality, and Author
Net Worth in 2023 $ 4 million approximately
Birth Place Seattle, Washington, U.S
Education Shorewood High School
Gender Male


Sig Hanson Net Worth

Sig Hanson Net Worth

Sig Hanson is a renowned ship captain and a TV personality. Because of his different ventures, he has sky-rocketed his Net Worth. Sig Hanson Net Worth is astounding at $ 4 million. This astounding financial empire is a result of his extreme determination to excel and his hard work. Let’s identify the different sources of income that contribute to his Net Worth.

Sig Hanson Net Worth- Sources of Income

Sig Hanson fans are always curious to know the diverse sources of income that contribute to his net worth.

1) Captainship of Fishing Vessel

 Sig is the renowned captain of the highly productive FN Northwestern. He holds a prestigious record in his name of never losing a single sailor in his captainship. He earns a handsome salary and perks as he is the renowned captain of the ship.

2) T.V personality

Apart from his tough endeavors as a ship captain,  he also plays a significant role as a renowned TV personality. He is the famous star of the renowned TV show, “The Deadliest Catch.” This show has extensively contributed to growing his finances, as they pay $ 1 million per season because it is part and parcel of this show. Apart from this, he is also a technical advisor for this show.

3) Book-Co author

He has also co-authored a book “North by Northwestern: A seafaring family on Deadly Alaskan waters. The royalty from this book has also added to his huge net worth.

4) Guest Appearances

The whopping income of Sig Hanson Net Worth can be attributed to his guest appearance on a show. He has solidified his presence as a TV actor by performing a guest appearance and it has also added to Sig Hanson Net Worth. For instance, he appeared in the “Tonight Show by Jay Leno.”

5) Merchandise Sales

The whopping income of Sig Hanson Net Worth can be attributed to his guest appearance on a show. He has solidified his presence as a TV actor by performing a guest appearance and it has also added to Sig Hanson Net Worth. For instance, he appeared in the “Tonight Show by Jay Leno.”

6) Bonus

As a TV star, he receives bonus payments from the Discovery channel. For example, in 2004, he received $250000 from Discovery Channel as a bonus.

All these sources of Sig Hanson Net Worth are responsible for his whopping income.

Sig Hanson Career

Sig Hanson Net Worth

Sig Hanson is the most famous commercial fisherman. He belongs to a family of fishermen. Being from a family of fishermen, he started on his father’s boat as a deckhand at the age of 14. Later on, he moved up in the ranks because of his talent. At the young age of 22, he became a relief skipper. As a relief skipper, his job was to relieve other captains. He also performed some short-haul stints during his job. 

At the young age of 24, Sig Hanson started running the Northwestern vessel by himself. Over the years, he has made excellent safety records because as a captain of the vessel, he has never lost a single life in the tenure of Sig Hanson. Apart from this, the serious injury cases under his captainship are also low.

As a captain of the Northwestern ship, he has earned huge salaries that have contributed to Sig Hanson Net Worth. Giving heights to his career, Sig Hanson has also worked as a commercial fisherman in the Bering Sea in the Gulf of Alaska.

His career is not without challenges, as he has undergone a massive heart attack during his work. But despite all the setbacks he has achieved success not only in his fishing career but also as a TV personality.

Sig Hanson Real Estate

Sig Hanson lives in a luxurious house. This house is in Shoreline and has all the luxurious facilities in it. His house is situated in King County. The property has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and is spread across 5000 square feet of property. Two amazing fireplaces and a lovely pool make his home amazing.

Sig Hanson Early Life

Sig was born and brought up in Seattle Washington. He was born to Sverre Hanson and Snefryd Hanson. His birth date is April 28, 1966. He is the ancestor of fishing business pioneers as his father and grandfather were both in the commercial fishing business. They both pioneered opilio crab fishing.

As far as his education details are concerned, he went to Shorewood High School, but at the age of 14, he started fishing because he was very passionate about fishing as a career.

Sig Hanson Net Worth

Sig Manson Health Issues

Life is not without troubles for celebrities as well. This is evident from the ups and downs in the lives of Sig Manson. He is a chain smoker and this habit of Sig Manson is evident from the fact that a substantial portion of his income goes on buying cigarettes. This has also caused many health problems for him as he battled a heart attack in 2016. When he was in the process of receiving antibiotics,  Sig Manson encountered another heart attack. These issues have continuously hampered his well-being.

Sig Manson Personal Life

He is living a blissful personal life in Seattle, Washington. He has married twice and has also adopted two daughters Nina, and Mandy. From his previous marriage, he also has an estranged daughter Mellisa. However, no doubt, he is living a happy personal life, as his wife June Hanson has been a pillar of support to him throughout his career.

 The couple loves each other immensely and is an inspiration to the other couples. His biological daughter Mellisa, however, has accused him of sexual abuse at the age of two. It has brought difficulties in his life at the age of two.

Awards and Achievements

Being an outstanding personality, Sig Hanson is touted for famous achievements and awards.


Master of Survival Award in 2005 in Young Scientist Channel by Discovery Channel Lifetime Achievement of the Year award at the 2015 Seattle Maritime Festival.
In 2007 he won the National Fisherman Highliner of the Year award. Inducted into the Scandinavian American Hall of Fame in 2010.
Awarded Order of the Golden North by the govt. of Alaska Honored as a Seattle Legend by the Seattle City Council in 2013



All in all, Sig Hanson has established his wonderful career as a result of his strong determination and hard work. Sig Hanson Net Worth is a testament to his outstanding career, hard work, and positive approach to handling the worst times in his life. We all can learn from the health setbacks and his determination to excel in his career despite challenges.


1) Does Sig Hanson own any boat?

Yes, Sig Hanson owns F/V Northwestern Boat.

2) Who is the current wife of Sig Hanson?

   Sig Hanson’s current wife is June Hanson.

3) What is Sig Hanson’s Net Worth

Sig Hanson’s Net Worth is $ 4 million in 2023.

4) Who is the biological father of Mellisa?

Sig Hanson is the biological father of Mellisa.

5) Sig Hanson has quit smoking or not?

  Yes, Sig Hanson has quit smoking.


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