How to Cancel Audible Membership: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to cancel audible membership

The number of audiobook lovers is rising day by day and this has led to an exponential increase in audible streaming services. Owing to an increase in the popularity of audiobooks many famous e-commerce platforms such as Amazon offer subscription services to their users. Audible membership is also an audiobook subscription service offered by Amazon, and diverse folks love to use it so that they can get access to a massive variety of audiobooks, and audio shows. 

People subscribe to Audible membership services because they love to listen to audio content. But sometimes, for different reasons, people want to cancel their Audible membership. For example, if you are switching to podcasts and find yourself unable to bear the subscription cost of Audible, you would like to know how to cancel your membership. Keeping your ease in mind, we have covered every step regarding cancelling your Audible membership.

 How to Cancel Audible Membership: Everything You Should Know

How to Cancel Audible Membership Everything You Should Know

  1. Log in or Sign in to your Audible Account: If you have decided to cancel your subscription to Audible, you will follow a series of steps regarding this. No matter, if you have accessed your audible account through the Google play store, or Apple, you must sign in to your account by using a username and password. You can skip this step if your account is already signed in. If you are cancelling audible membership on someone’s behalf say your better half, or your siblings, you will require their username and password to access their account.

2. Tap or Hover around your User Name: Once you have logged in to your account, you can tap on your user name or else, hover around your user name.

Tap or Hover around your User Name

3.  Access Account Details: In this step, you should access the account menu which will help you cancel your subscription to Audible. For this, you should go to the account details and locate your name over there or your profile picture. Now, click on the account details. This is the third step in the series of sequential steps that helps you to learn how to cancel audible membership.

4.  Go to Membership status or view membership details: Now, after accessing your account details, go to your membership status, or active membership details. You will see a textbox here, and beneath the text box, you will see two options. The first one is to switch membership and the other one is to cancel membership. Tap on the cancel membership link to cancel the membership of your current audible account owned by Amazon.

5. Confirm your Cancellation: If you want to continue your cancellation process, you should tap on confirm your cancellation. It will activate the cancellation process of your audible account.

6.  Wait for an Email Link: The last step in the cancellation of an Amazon audible account is to wait for an email link. Tap on this email link to confirm the canceled membership of the audible account. You will also see that this change of cancellation of membership is available on your account details as well.

Note: If you cancel your membership you can lose your credits. However, if you do not want to lose credit, you can choose to pause your membership if you have signed in on

How to Cancel Audible Membership through Google Play Store?

How to Cancel Audible Membership through Apple App Store

If you have downloaded the audible app from the Google play store, you can cancel the membership through the google play store as well. Follow the below-mentioned steps to cancel your membership through the audible account.

  1. Visit Google Play Store: Access the Google play store from your mobile or either from your desktop whatever seems comfortable to you and cancel hit on your profile icon.

2.  Look for the Option of Payment and Subscription: Once you access your profile, you will find the option of payment and subscription on your profile icon.

3.  Locate Audible Account: Now, in the last step, you will find Audible and go to manage subscription and from here click on cancel the subscription. Congratulations, you have easily cancelled the subscription to the audible account.

How to Cancel Audible Membership through Apple App Store?

If you have an I-phone, you can cancel the audible subscription through your apple play store as well. To learn the process of how to cancel audible membership via the apple play store, look at the following steps.

  • Go to Apple Play Store: The first basic option to cancel an audible subscription is to go to the apple play store or access your iOS device settings.
  • Find Your Name: In your audible account on the apple play store, you will have to select your name.
  • Go to Subscriptions: To proceed the steps further, you must go to subscriptions and select the audible account.
  • Hit on cancel subscription: Now, you will have to click on cancel subscription. As soon as you click this option, you will observe that your audible membership has been cancelled.

The Nutshell:

We hope that you have gained access to all the necessary steps if you no longer want to keep your audible membership active. No matter, if you are accessing the audible website for the cancellation of your account, or else, accessing your account from the Google play store, or an I-phone, you will have to follow the above-mentioned steps to learn how to cancel Audible membership. If you still face any difficulty in cancelling your audible membership, you can chat or take audible customer support services. They will guide you effectively to cancel the audible membership.


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