How to Search Storefronts on Amazon App- Detailed Guide

How to search storefronts on Amazon app

Amazon is a leading online e-commerce platform where millions of sellers register themselves. These sellers offer us a vast array of products, and buyers love to buy them. But in the super-easy online shopping world, locating storefronts on the Amazon app can be a daunting task. The folks sometimes feel tired of scrolling through a lot of Amazon pages to find a particular storefront. Don’t worry, we have a complete guide for you on how to search Storefronts on Amazon App.

The Amazon Influencers app is a new app that allows everyone to discover and shop for influencers on Amazon quite easily. Once you download this app and follow some crucial steps, it will be easy for you to search for different influencers and their branded storefronts. At the same pace, as a seller, you can easily explore your competitor’s shops. But before moving straightaway to searching storefronts, let’s understand what are the storefronts.

What are storefronts?

An Amazon storefront is a free feature provided by the online market shopping place Amazon. The storefront is the online identity of a seller in the form of an online page. Here businessmen can directly market their products with their branded content and lifestyle photos.

It helps the sellers create a unique online shopping experience for the buyers. Sellers have the choice either to register their entire products on these storefronts or else add a few products only. While accessing these storefronts, sellers have the option of creating a collection of diverse products, such as “New Arrivals, or Best Sellers.”

How to Search Storefronts on Amazon App- A Step-by-Step Process

how to find amazon Influencer storefront

You can easily locate different storefronts on Amazon as a buyer. Follow some key steps and it will be easy to shop your favourite items from these storefronts.

1) Open the Amazon App

How to search Amazon Storefronts on app

Open the Amazon app on your mobile device. If you have not downloaded the Amazon app, we recommend you download the app before locating these storefronts. To install the app, you can visit the Google Play Store for Android phones to download the app and for Apple Store for iOS.

2) Login to your Account

If your Amazon account is already logged in, you can skip this step, otherwise, you should log in to your account. Enter your Amazon credentials such as your email ID and password to log in to your account.

3) Locate the Search Bar 

locate the search bar

As you have logged in to the Amazon account successfully, you should now locate the search bar at the top of the screen. The prospective buyers will see a magnifying glass icon to search for the influencers. You can find the magnifying glass icon located on the top right corner of the screen, and search for diverse influencers as per your choice.

4) Search the Product of your choice

How to find storefronts on Amazon storefronts App

Now, whatever product you are interested in buying, you must search for that product in the search bar. You will also see several suggestions there, you can click on those suggestions to select your favorite item from the storefronts.

5) Don’t stop Until You See a Storefront of Selected Item

Amazon Storefronts

Scroll down your list until you see a storefront option. Some buyers can also see the option of the “ explore by store” section. If you want to access the storefront section easily, you must tap on storefronts. This is the most crucial option in your journey of how to search storefronts on the Amazon app.

6) Browse these Storefronts

How to find Storefronts on Amazon app

Now, as you have located these storefronts, you can also purchase your favorite items from these storefronts. For this, you must browse these storefronts. Going ahead, you can search a storefront by its name logo, or any other identity. Once you browse the storefront by its name, you will reach the homepage of a particular storefront where you can easily view all the products of a particular storefront.

7) Use the Option of the Category

Amazon app not only provides its users the option of searching a particular storefront by its name but also by category. At the topmost section of the storefront, you will see a list of multiple categories such as electronics, Beauty, and personal care, apparel or clothing, home, and kitchen. Tap on a particular category, and you will see diverse options of these storefronts available from the category option.

8) Follow the Influencers

Follow Influencers

You can make the search of storefronts quite easy by tapping on the following button. It will help you to follow the influencers and receive all the updates about their new launch, discounts, and promotion offers if any from that particular storefront.

9)  Use Amazon Inspire and Discover Pages to Locate Storefronts

Another option to locate storefronts on the Amazon app is by browsing the Amazon Inspire option and Discover Pages option given by the app. Once you tap these options, you will find access to multiple storefronts available on the app.

Using these simple steps, you can find “how to search storefronts on Amazon App. Apart from these above methods, you can also use third-party resources such as Google to locate the storefronts on the Amazon app.

How to search storefronts on the Amazon App?

How to search storefronts on Amazon App

In the present era, you can leverage your social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. to locate the influencers who have their storefronts on the best online selling platform, Amazon.

How to Locate Influencers Who Have Storefronts on Amazon?

Simply download the Instagram app and then use the search bar options to see influencers who are promoting their products through Amazon storefronts. You can also use the hashtag “found it on Amazon.” to find the influencers who time-to-time promote their products on Instagram.

How to Locate Influencers Who Have Their Amazon Storefronts on Youtube and Facebook

How to find Amazon Storefronts on Amazon App

Navigate the YouTube search bar to locate all those videos that are located on Amazon Products. If you are aware of the names of influencers, you can also use their name to find influencers who have mentioned Amazon products in their videos.

You can also use your social media account Facebook to find influencers or products related to Amazon storefronts. Use the search bar option to find the influencers on Facebook that have used Amazon products in their Facebook videos. Otherwise, you can also find groups of sellers who have mentioned their products on Amazon storefronts.


1. What are Storefronts on the Amazon app?

A. Storefronts on the Amazon app are dedicated pages for brands and businesses to showcase their products, tell their story, and connect with customers.

2. Who can create a Storefront on the Amazon app?

A. Businesses of all sizes, from individual sellers to established brands, can create a Storefront on the Amazon app.

3. What are the benefits of using Storefronts on the Amazon app?

A. Storefronts provide several benefits, including:

Enhanced brand storytelling: Share your brand’s story, mission, and values through engaging content.

Customizable design: Tailor your Storefront to match your brand’s aesthetic.

Direct connection with customers: Connect with shoppers through promotions and exclusive offers.

4. How can I create a Storefront on the Amazon app?

A. Creating a Storefront is a straightforward process:

Enroll in Amazon’s Brand Registry or Amazon Handmade.

Access the Storefront creation tool within Seller Central or Vendor Central.

Customize your Storefront with your brand’s logo, images, and marketing materials.

Add your product catalog and organize it into collections.

Publish your Storefront for customers to discover.

5. How can I find other brands’ Storefronts on the Amazon app?

A. Search for brands by name or browse the Amazon app’s curated categories and recommendations.



We hope that you are clear about how to search storefronts on Amazon app. Finding storefronts is a win-win situation for buyers and sellers. For sellers, they can also showcase all their products in one category only, and for buyers, it is easy to navigate their favorite products through these storefronts. They can keep an eye on several discounts and promotion offers through these storefronts.  Accept the challenge to find the storefronts and make your shopping experience easy and superb.


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