Rick Fox Net Worth, Early Life, Career, and More

Rick Fox Net Worth


We are curious to know about the sports and entertainment personalities. One such exciting celebrity who resonates perfectly among Hollywood and sports world fans is Rick Fox. He is a famous actor and former NBA player. If you are eager to know about the famous personality Rick Fox Net Worth and some allied aspects of his life, you have come to the right place. Here, we will examine his life closely, from his professional choices to his personal journey.


Name Rick Fox
Real  Name Ulrich Alexander Fox
Profession Former NBA player, actor, and enterprenuer
Date of Birth 24th July 1969
Age 54 Years
Height 6 ft 7 inches
Weight  104 Kg
Net Worth $ 20 Million
Birth Place Toronto, Canada
Relationship Status Single
Sexual Orientation Straight
Zodiac Sign Leo



Rick Fox Net Worth

Rick Fox Net Worth

Rick Fox, a former NBA Player, famous actor, and businessman, is a jack of all trades. When establishing his career, he has taken a multifaceted approach. The diverse sources of income have contributed to his net worth, and at present, from various streams of income, his net worth is $ 20 million. Let’s dive deep into the diverse sources of his income.

Sources of Income

Rick Fox, carries a versatile persona when it comes to his income sources. His diversified income sources are the key reason behind his great fortune. Let’s understand his income portfolio in detail.

1) NBA Career

His famous career in sports as a renowned basketball player has laid the foundation for his fortune. He has played for the NBA for almost 13 years for the teams Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. During his career, he has earned approximately $ 34 million from sports only.

2) Acting

As a young and flourishing actor in the Hollywood industry, Rick has given many memorable performances.  Some of his movies in which he has performed well are Hoes, Meet the Brows, and He Got Games. These movies have played a great role in making him an entertainment mogul. Hence, his financial status has also increased over the years.

3) Business Ventures

His business ventures have also played a defining role in enhancing the financial empire of this rocking celebrity. His e-sports move in 2015 by acquiring League of Legends was quite an impressive move in his entire career. He later rebranded this venture as Echo-Fox. It has contributed significantly to his wealth. This organization recruits, develops, and celebrates some of the top-notch professional e-sports athletes. He is also an owner of the production company “Throttle Media.”

4) TV series

 He has performed in many TV series that not only polished his acting skills but also increased Rick Fox Net Worth. All right, and Single ladies are a few of them.

5) Reality TV shows

He has shown his acting knack in reality TV shows also. His entertainment career has solidified from his reality TV appearances in Dancing with the Stars, Are You Smarter Than Fifth Grade, The Big Bang Theory, and others. His different ventures have contributed to Rick Fox Net Worth.

Real Estate Ventures

During the peak of his career, this NBA star and entertainment celebrity has also invested in real estate properties. According to several reports available on the internet, the celebrity has bought a luxury apartment in 2013. This property was situated in Los Angeles and was bought for $1.399 million. It is a luxurious apartment with two bedrooms and three bathrooms. Before that, he has also purchased a property for $1.15 million. It was spread across 1800 sq. ft and was bought a short while after his retirement.


Rick Fox Net Worth

Fox enjoys a successful career as a Basketball legend and a Hollywood entertainment celebrity. The transition of his career was quite successful for him. He has left an incredible mark on the hearts of fans with his brilliant performance both on the court and on the silver screen.

NBA Career- 1991-2014

As a renowned basketball player, he has played for the National Basketball Association. From the start of his career, he became the apple of the eye of the fans. He started his NBA career in 1991 when he got selected for the Bolton Celtics in the first round of the 1991 NBA draft. In 1992, he achieved the status of becoming the first rookie player on the opening night. Till 1997, the player was associated with Bolton Celtics.

In 1997, Bolton Celtics released him and he joined the Los Angeles Lakers. Because of his playing skills, he once again received a starting position. He has started in 82 games and has scored an average of 12 points per game. Apart from this, Fox has also played internationally for Canada in the 1990, and 1994 FIBA World Championships.

A successful transition into Showbiz

His career did not come to a halt after retirement from the NBA. He became more active as an actor and excelled in Hollywood as well. During the time of the NBA, he was also doing some movies like Blue Chips,  Eddie and He Got Game. After retirement, he became more active and honed his craft of acting. One of the famous movies that he took in his acting career post-retirement was Sharknado: 3, Oh Hell No! He also starred in a crime drama 1-800-Missing. This crime drama series was based on the 1-800-WHERE-R-U book series by Meg Cabot.

Early Life

Rick Fox Net Worth

Fox was born in Toronto. His passion for basketball can be understood from the fact that his mother was also a high jumper in the Olympics. He was born to Dianne Gerrace and Ulrich Fox. Soon, his family moved to the Bahamas, his father’s native place.

For his training, he joined Kingsway Academy in Nassau. He had the natural inclination to play basketball. Fox never played organized basketball, but he still succeeded in joining a high school basketball team the ”Saints.” in his summer camps. Because of his accomplished skills, he also played high school basketball in Warsaw, Indiana.

Personal Life

Just like other famous celebrities, Fox’s name is linked to many women. However, he was married to Vanessa Williams. The couple remained together for five years and then announced an amicable split in 2004. Now, after retirement, he is enjoying a single life. He has a son Kyle Fox.

Social Media accounts

The famous Canadian celebrity is available on all major social media accounts except YouTube. Check out the details.

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Fox is a dynamic personality with diverse talent crafts. Keeping in line with his talent, he has enjoyed a massive fortune in terms of wealth. Rick Fox Net Worth is a testament to his collective talents as a basketball player, a great actor, and an entrepreneur. Being a founder of Partanna, he understands his duties for climate change and this organization is doing great work in this direction. We wish his wealth to keep flourishing in the coming years of his life.


1) What is Rick Fox Net Worth?

Rick Fox’s Net Worth in 2023 is $ 20 million.

2) For which two teams did Rick Fox play?

He played for the Bolton Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers.

3) When did the player take retirement

 He retired from the NBA in 2004.

4) Which record does Rick Fox hold?

He has won three consecutive NBA championships from 2000-2002.

5) With whom Rick Fox was married before his divorce?

The NBA player was married to Vanessa Williams. She is an American Actress and singer.



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