The Basics to HDB Doors In Singapore

HDB Doors

When it comes to renovation and interior design, doors play a significant role in the safety and outer appeal terms. In Singapore, the Housing & Development Board imposes strict rules on the door type, material and number in every home. That way, the government ensures there’s minimal risk of fire and other unexpected accidents. Still, it’s a brilliant idea to learn more about HDB doors before buying one. Here are the basics that everyone needs to know before approaching a door company in Singapore:

Standard HDB door rules

Typically, changing or replacing an existing HDB door in your home doesn’t require a special permit. Still, any changes regarding the dimensions of your entrance will require approval. Indeed, this rule applies to any main door that shares egress travel with the fire escape route. In reality, the HDB has strict guidelines that require all exit doors to be 85 cm wide when opened.

If you ever decide to switch the location of any of your doors, you must acquire a permit. The Housing Board allows such alterations only under specific circumstances. Typically, you will get approval if you don’t plan to hack or demolish reinforced concrete walls. The same goes for any load-bearing columns that may compromise the stability of the building.

Most Common HDB Door Materials

An HDB door by HDDoor Pte Ltd.

Typically, many homeowners skip the part where they choose the door material. Usually, they focus on the exterior looks, but that may not be the best thing to do. After all, every material has its pros and cons like soundproof and fireproof capabilities, life expectancy and many more. 

Of course, everything depends on your budget, interior style and personal preferences. Therefore, knowing the common HDB door materials will help you make an informed choice.

Timber doors

Undoubtedly, timber is the all-time classic for doors and home furnishing. While they might be expensive, such doorways will deliver a timeless look regardless of the interior design. On average, they have decent durability along with an excellent thermal value. Indeed, you’ll have to use a good chunk of your budget. Still, you’ll hardly find a better choice in terms of material.

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Veneered doors 

If you don’t want to spend all your money on wooden doors, their veneered alternative is much more budget-friendly. Usually, veneered doors use less expensive engineered timber as a core and thin layers of high-quality wood. Therefore, such a build is often more attractive for homeowners with lower budgets. Besides, veneered doors are much more featherweight than solid wood, reducing the load on the walls.

Laminate doors 

Laminate is another budget-friendly alternative to solid wood. While it’s similar to veneer, laminate has several layers. The surface uses resin-treated cellulose that completely mimics natural wood. That way, homeowners can take advantage of the material’s insulation properties and buy a door in various woodgrains and textures.

PVC doors

As expected, PVC doors are another affordable solution for your HDB home. They come in various styles and designs and boast multiple features. For example, they are easy to clean and are resistant to temperature fluctuations and high humidity. Typically, they are ideal for bathroom and toilet doors, but you can always use them in your interior.

Glass doors 

Another excellent choice for your interior design is glass. Indeed, glass doors will make any small HDB home look bright and sleek. Not long ago, such doors were suitable only in bathrooms and toilets. There are various types of glass – tempered, frosted, stained and many more. Indeed, this diversity gives ample choices for every HDB room.

Nyatoh doors

Unlike laminate and veneer, nyatoh is an actual wood species. Typically, solid nyatoh doors have a pale pinkish or reddish colour that efficiently works with a timeless interior design. Apart from the standard solid nyatoh, many companies offer nyatoh plywood and fire-rated options. That way, you can get an entrance or an HDB bedroom door.

Most Common HDB Door Types in Terms of Opening Mechanism

After picking the desired material, you should also consider the opening mechanism. In most cases, it’s all up to your preferences. However, sometimes you have to consider other factors like opening space and HDB regulations. Here are the most common HDB door types when it comes to door mechanism:

Hinged doors 

Undoubtedly, hinged doors are the standard opening mechanism that works well with any interior. Typically, hinged HDB doors come in a wide range of materials and finishes. Besides, they are easy to install, thus making them a lot cheaper than other mechanisms.

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Sliding doors 

In the past decade, sliding doors gained popularity among Condo and HDB owners in Singapore. Since these doors slide onto each other, they spare valuable space. Usually, they are great for restricted areas like closets and bathrooms. Still, they are perfect for all parts of your home, except for the entrance.

Bifold doors 

Similar to sliding doors, bifold doors are also great at saving space. Since the mechanism employs more than one panel, it works perfectly in tight areas. Usually, such doors fold neatly without becoming obstacles and are suitable for tiny bedrooms and closets.

Popular HDB Doors to Choose 

Last but not least, there are specific door models that you want to consider, too. While they employ explicit materials and door mechanisms, they may dramatically change the way your interior looks.

Panelled doors

Undoubtedly, panelled doors are the most common HDB door type. Perhaps, their main advantage is that they are affordable and come in a wide range of models and designs. Usually, customers can choose the number of panels and their configuration. While most panelled doors use plywood and solid wood, you will find these products in almost any material.

Flush doors

If you don’t like the panelled doors’ design, you can always go for flush doors. As the name suggests, they have a jointless surface that offers a clean and neat alternative. In a way, they are brilliant for minimalist and Scandinavian interior design, especially in white. Of course, you can always buy flush laminate or veneer to imitate solid wood.

French doors

If you want to make a statement, a French HDB door will do wonders. While such doors aren’t the best at saving space, they surely add a stylish appeal to any interior. Usually, a great alternative to standard French entrances is the sliding mechanism.

Louvred doors

Perhaps, you haven’t heard much about louvred doors, especially in HDB flats. Still, they can be very effective in rooms and areas where there’s a need for privacy and ventilation. Moreover, louvred doors can use most materials and can be movable or fixed, depending on the customer’s needs.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the guidelines push both flat owners and businesses to search and offer high-quality door installation services. Still, you have to be wary of the possible risks of the free market. Whether you want to buy a veneered or PVC door, you must rely on companies that provide the best HDB doors. That way, you’ll put your knowledge to use while getting the best offer and service.


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