The Best Way to Invest $100,000 – Self Storage Investing

Self Storage Investing

Certainly, $100,000 is a pretty big amount, and when used smartly, one can enjoy various gains. Real estate has various kinds of investment choices. The number you agree to invest and the risks you are ready to tolerate help you choose the correct investment option. However, one of the smartest ways of using $100,000, quite a significant amount of money, will be investing, precisely self-storage investing.

For many years now, dedicated investors have been trying to add a little bit of diversity to their portfolios of investment by investing in self-storage. This action of investors has gained them various profits. 

The self-storage business is ever-growing because most people living in America will always demand a place to store their items. For, there are specific items they could not keep with themselves and, at the same time, cannot part with. The first place they will visit is a storage facility nearest to them. Thus, investing in self-storage will prove to be beneficial. 

Surely, questions akin to the benefit of self-storage investing and why you must do it must be swirling inside your mind. No worries, though. These detailed answers to your several questions will help you decide the best for yourself. 

Benefits Of Self-Storage Investing 

Some real estate investments require the investor to do some hands-on work and experience. But self-storage investing is beginner friendly and will not require much labor. Self-storage investments are easy to understand and are most straightforward. 

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A new investor can easily gain knowledge of self-storage investments by reading guides on self-storage investing for beginners. Self-Storage Academy, too, can assist beginners in learning more from professionals.

Investing in self-storage will ensure that the cash keeps flowing in as most small storage companies have more than or around 50 units, and the big ones have around 500 to 700 units. Hence, even if a tenant or two leaves, it won’t affect the company that much. Your cash will keep coming.

Why Even Think About Self-Storage Investing? 

Let’s take a look at these 3 reasons:

1) Large Operations Taking Over Small Self-Storage Operations

Most smaller self-storage facilities are being bought or taken over by bigger and more successful self-storage operations. This is creating several opportunities for investors to invest. Smart and experienced investors do know how to use these opportunities. When you have $100,000 with you, then without hesitating, you should certainly think about grabbing these golden investment chances and earning profits.

2) Self-Storage Facilities Growing In US- Must Think About Self-Storage Investing

Rapid growth can is visible in the number of self-storage facilities in USA. According to the data provided by Self-Storage University, the US has around 58,000 self-storage facilities; this number surpasses even the combined number of Subway, McDonald’s, and Starbucks present in the US. You can certainly discern how important self-storage operations have become.

3) Self-Storage Market Gains Profit During Economic Crisis

Suppose you have followed the development of various industries during the economic crisis. In that case, you must have observed how badly they were affected. From around February to April 2020, various industries took a huge hit and suffered losses. But, self-storage operations continued fiction well even during various economic lows. 

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Self-Storage industries had successfully survived the economic hit without breaking a sweat. However, there are various reasons behind it, like the nature of self-storage industries. These industries are always in demand, and it never lessens. 

People in the US will always require space to keep their items. There may be several reasons, like moving to another state or moving after losing a job. Self-storage industries will be required by the people.

Where To Begin Self-Storage Investing?

Self-Storage REITs, also called real estate investment trusts, are one of the easiest and safest ways to invest in self-storage industries. When you invest in the shares of REITs, your investment is developed and handled by mutual funds, thus lowering the risks of losses. 

REITs give back the shareholders at least 90% of their well-deserved income. Thus, if you are thinking about investing your $100,000, REITs become one of the finest choices. The fewer risks you take, the more money you will gain, at least as a beginner. 


Investing in self-storage industries can prove to be a powerful move. As can be observed, Americans love their items, and they cannot even tolerate parting with them. Thus they will always require a storage facility, and self-storage industries will keep growing. Investors will keep investing in self-storage facilities because they love a good investment.

Though if you have with yourself $100,000, which no doubt is a huge amount, you need to be very careful with your investments. To make a good investment in a self-storage business, you must learn more about how this particular industry functions. Moreover, make sure that you are ready for the little failures you will face because every investor has to face failures to learn. 

However, if you want to invest, investing in self-storage industries will truly prove profitable. Since the yearly nationwide profit of this kind of investment is estimated to reach $40 billion. Thus, plan, observe and make the best decision for yourself.


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