The Ultimate Guide to Patio Furniture

Guide to Patio Furniture

Modern patio furniture is in no way inferior to its relatives in the living or dining room in terms of quality and design. This is made possible by modern manufacturing techniques and new, robust materials such as poly rattan or specially treated bamboo. Beautiful: Today there are also daybeds or outdoor lounges seating groups in appropriate variants for outdoor use. Guide to Patio Furniture-

 Helpful tips in Guide to Patio Furniture-

High-quality synthetic fibers in the form of poly rattan make the new cosines in the open-air possible. They ensure that the patio furniture not only looks homely but also offers a lot of seating comfort. At the same time, such patio furniture defies wind and weather. 

Even when exposed to strong sunlight, they keep their shape and do not fade, rain simply rolls off the surface. In addition, the patio furniture is surprisingly easy to care for. A damp wipe or a quick shower with the garden hose is all it takes to make them look like fresh furniture.

Weatherproof upholstery and cover fabrics ensure comfortable sitting and lying on the wickerwork. And don’t worry: today’s pillows and pads don’t hurt rain showers. Their hard-wearing covers with weatherproof filling material protect them from dirt and moisture. There are also textiles for outdoors in various colors and great patterns.

Made of poly rattan survives the winter

Although patio furniture made of poly rattan is very robust and hard-wearing, it should be taken to a sheltered place in winter so that the surface does not suffer. It is best to pack your poly rattan patio furniture in protective covers in late autumn and place them in a dry place that is not too cold. Even poly rattan can become brittle if it is exposed to constant moisture and temperature fluctuations. A garage, basement or shed in the garden is ideal.

Wooden patio furniture

Attention classics! Wood is the traditional material par excellence for garden furniture and patio furniture. What is new is that wooden furniture can now be combined with other modern materials. Among them, for example, synthetic wickerwork, stainless steel or aluminum.

Traditionalists are seating groups, outdoor lounges or lounge furniture made of teak, mahogany or meranti. If you do not want to decide on patio furniture made of tropical wood, you can choose patio furniture made of regional woods such as larch, ash or oak. But: Since these woods do not have strong natural protection, they have to be impregnated or varnished.

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Maintain wooden patio furniture

Regular painting of wooden patio furniture is essential to keep it beautiful for a long time. Over time, dirt inevitably settles in knotholes and joints, and moisture and the change of seasons put enormous strain on the natural material wood. 

Carefully sand the wood every two to three years and then paint with wood care tincture, paint or protective varnish, depending on your preference and the type of wood. Important: Wooden patio furniture should also spend the winter months in a relatively dry place that is not too cold.

Metal patio furniture

Their stability, their often bright colors and uncomplicated care speak for patio furniture made of metal. A seating group made of aluminum, for example, has another advantage: it is extremely light and has a bright, summery color. 

So if you want to move your chair and table around on the terrace depending on the position of the sun, garden and patio furniture made of aluminum is a good choice. And: Compared to other materials, patio furniture made of aluminum is often cheaper to buy.

Iron patio furniture probably requires the most maintenance compared to any other. Finally, even in moderate humidity, untreated iron tends to rust easily. However, as long as you take care of your iron patio furniture, clean it regularly and give it a fresh coat of paint from time to time, you can enjoy it for life. Iron furniture should have a permanent home on the terrace. Because of the weight of this patio furniture alone, you will want to avoid moving it again and again.

Buying patio or garden furniture – helpful tips

Buying a sofa or a new dining table needs to be well thought out. So there is no reason to rush the purchase of patio furniture. We have compiled tips for buying outdoor furniture:

  1. Measure the terrace

Not every terrace is huge! Ask yourself the following critical questions: Is a dining area with a table more important, or do you mainly want to lie in the sun on the terrace? Do you have children playing on the patio? 

A compromise, if the space does not serve all wishes, is folding furniture. It is therefore important to measure the available space before buying and to concentrate on what you want because outdoor space is no fun if it no longer offers room to move.

luckily, in recent years manufacturers and designers have understood that most terraces have limitations and have shown a heart for city dwellers who are not exactly spoiled for space: smaller, compact sofa models with elegant teak frames (e.g. from Gloster, Dedon or Gervasoni) offer lounge landscapes the forehead, firstly because they look super homely and secondly because they can be easily rearranged if necessary. Even lighter and almost suitable for the living room are cuddly upholstered love seats on wire skids.

2. Clarify preferences

Of course, the personal budget, the orientation, and the size of the terrace have a decisive influence on the choice of patio furniture. Buying furniture is always a question of taste: Do you prefer wicker, wood, metal or plastic furniture? Colorful or do you prefer monochrome? Should it be lounge furniture or rather classic seating groups around a patio table? It makes the decision easier and often saves money if you have answered these questions before going to the specialist retailer.

3. Where to put the patio furniture in winter? Guide to Patio Furniture

Upholstery for the outdoors is no longer very sensitive today – but it shouldn’t be permanent moisture. If you want soft cushions for the terrace, you also have to think about where you can store them and the associated patio furniture in winter.

So if you don’t have a shed, basement or garage, you should switch to space-saving, foldable solutions. Remarkable Furniture has an extensive range of high-quality outdoor furniture suitable for all occasions. You’ll find an outdoor furniture solution to meet your needs under one roof with Guide to Patio Furniture. 


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