Tips To Spot Fraud Moving Companies In Adelaide

Fraud Moving Companies

Moving scam is not heard for the first time, and this is something to be wary of. It includes demanding baseless additional charges, stealing items and many such fraudulent practices. If you’re planning to move your home or business, this article is for you, where you will get to know about Tips To Spot Fraud Moving Companies In Adelaide.

1. The Advance Deposit- 

This is the most common trick that fraud moving companies use. You are asked to deposit a nominal amount to begin the moving process. And eventually, the scamsters elope after collecting a hefty amount from you. 

Do not agree on paying any such amount up front. If you do, demand written proof for the same. 

2. The Bait & Switch- 

Known as a popular type of moving scam, ‘the bait and switch’ is to lure innocent customers by offering low prices

Once the customer agrees to hire services, they are pressed to pay a big amount at the name of secured moving services, extra time & efforts required, more employees employed to accomplish the task, etc.

 Bait & Switch

3. Contract Services- 

When hiring best city movers in Adelaide, you get a detailed contract to read and sign before the moving begins. And if your movers and packers have refused to offer any contract, step back immediately. 

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Usually, this contract discloses the moving agency’s protocol, and other service conditions covering insurance, time duration, charges, etc. 

4. Physical Address- 

Before you give your nod to hire any movers and packers, seek their business or physical address. Demand to complete all the paperwork at their office. 

If your service provider says they run & manage their services through an online portal (website), give it a thought and investigate more about the business.   

Look for online reviews and do a market research to find the most reputed moving company in Adelaide. 

5. Goods Insurance- 

It is a crucial aspect to confirm before you commence the moving process. All experienced movers and packers offer goods insurance mentioning genuine insurance rates in their overall service charges. 

Generally, there are two types of insurance including- all-inclusive and goods transit insurance. The all-inclusive insurance charge is 3% of the declared value whereas it’s 1.5% when going for goods transit insurance. 

6. Pre-Move Inspection- 

A genuine mover and packer would request for a pre-move visit to get an estimate of distance, packaging time required, etc. If your removalist denied offering such a facility, it’s better not to go with it. 

7. Logo or Business Name On Moving Trucks- 

Did you see any logo or business name on the moving trucks? It is the most obvious type of marketing tactic every business goes for. The moving trucks must-have business information including- business name, logo, contact details, and physical address. If you don’t find such information, do not let them load your belongings.

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Moving Trucks

8. ID Cards- 

To make the employees act as their brand advocates, almost every city movers company provides personalised t-shirts, employee ID cards. 

If the employees do not have any ID card authenticating their employment with the agency, do not proceed. Demand their ID proof to check if they are genuinely there to help you. 

The Final Word- 

Until you are not alert and aware of all the moving processes, it’s quite easy to trick you. Dig out all the relevant information before inking any deal.   Do share your valuable tips to help people from falling into any moving trap. Add your comments in the section below: 

Be aware & make a wise decision! 


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