Top 15 Scary Movies on Netflix that won’t let you sleep tonight

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In a few years, Netflix has transformed into an all-rounding streaming platform. From mind-tormenting scary movies on Netflix to anime, horror, mystery, romance, and thriller, it has become a hub for entertainment lovers who can’t get enough of binge-watching during their free time at night. However, tonight is going to be a little more entertaining for you because we are presenting the top 15 scary movies on Netflix.

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These movies hold plots that are beyond your imagination. That’s right! From monster under your bed to psychotic thriller with a touch of horror, the following mentions will give you goosebumps. So, without any further ado, let’s countdown to the best thriller horror movies on Netflix. 

Best Scary Movies on Netflix – Top 15 Listings

Green Room – Top ranking scary movies on Netflix

scariest movies on netflix 2020
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Released in 2015, Green Room is an American horror-thriller movie that tells you more about the Neo-Nazi Black Metal movement. The movie, Green Room on Netflix is first-ranking scary movies on Netflix 2015 as it shows how the mentality of Nazi cowcatchers is all about killing those who follow Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The movie simply focuses on the horrifying experience of punk band members who somehow are trapped in the green room in a Nazi’s bar. From encountering murder scenes to skinheads and facing threats; Green Room contains some scenes that will lead you to pause and scream but keep on going till the end. 

Train to Busan – Zombie-apocalyptic scary movies on Netflix

2019 ghost movies on netflix
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Don’t you love when directors come up with brand-new Zombie-apocalypse horror-thrillers that give you a new point of view? Well! If not, South Korean scary movies on Netflix – special mention “Train to Busan” will change your mind forever. This movie takes you on a train journey of 118 minutes (running time) within which you will learn about the struggle of a father who can go beyond his power to save his daughter from the zombies hijacked the train. The movie “Train to Busan” is now available on Netflix. Stream now!

The First Purge

2020 Netflix list of scary movies
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2018’s one of the best scary movies on Netflix – The Purge is going to blow your mind when it comes to experiencing a law-free country where any crime can take place without any consequences. To be honest, the concept behind this dystopian movie on Netflix has received viewership in millions because once in a while, every individual on this earth has thought about “crimes without consequences.” According to the plot of the movie, it portrays the beginning of the “PURGE.” So, if you haven’t watched “The Purge tv series” on Netflix yet. This is where you start! 

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Netflix horror series 2020
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Yet to be released on Netflix, Killer Klowns from Outer Space is one of the scariest movies of 2020. Created by the Chiodo family, this movie focuses on the story of Mike and Debbie who first witnessed the Clown’s world landing somewhere in the nearby forest area, however, believed it to be a comet. Later, the couple finds out about the major plans of clowns to take over the world and their horrifying intentions towards humans. Although, if you love clowns, this movie will definitely give you reasons to fear them! 

Death Note – scary movies on Netflix based on Manga series

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Are you a fan of anime, yet, sometimes love to explore anime series into a short running time movie? Death Note can be your horror-filled entertainment snack tonight. That’s right! Based on Shueisha’s weekly shonen jump’s most popular comic volumes, Death Note remade by Adam Wingard will give you fear-trigger while seeing strange notebook anywhere in the world.

The movie follows the storyline of Light Turner, a high school student who seeks problems in school. One day, the light comes across a strange notebook that works like a perfect murderer. All you need to do is write the name of the person whom you want to kill. Stream now on Netflix. 


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If you haven’t binge-watched the barbarian medical and experimental therapies that lead to horrible consequences, Eli should be on the top of your list tonight. The movie focuses on the story of Eli miller who is suffering from an incurable and rare disease. However, Dr. Isabella suggests an experimental therapy that holds the potential to cure Eli. As soon as the treatment starts, Eli meets Haley – a strange girl who claims the haunting happenings in her house. So, who will save whom? Spoiler Alert – Eli will give you reasons to checkout medical facilities twice before entering it. 

Case 39

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More often than not, child ghosts seem scarier than any other ghost. It is because more than the power of the body, child ghosts have mental abilities that can do a lot of damage. And the other person at damage has no weapon to face the ghost’s psychological power. Case 39 is also somehow the same. It follows Emily Jenkins, a social worker who has been assigned the case of Lillith Sullivan, a 10-years old girl. In the starting, Lillith seems to be an innocent girl who is getting abused at the hands of her foster parents. However, later how the tables turn completely will stun you to your guts!


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Trended for long when first released in 2018, Birdbox is a must-watch among the list of top 15 scary movies on Netflix. The movie’s very suspicious ghost appearance will keep you going on. If you are asked to live your life with closed eyes for an hour, you will feel frustrated. However, Birdbox is a story of an inspiring mother and her two children who live five years with their eyes closed and haven’t left the house since. Now only this but Birdbox also takes you on a long journey of a sea world filled with ghosts. One condition if you want to live – don’t see the ghost in the eye. 

Gerald’s Game

Everyone has sexual fantasies. Today’s modern generation is more into BDSM. But, Gerald’s Game is going to change your view when this scary movie on Netflix will show you how a sexual game can easily turn into a rich-horror of days. Gerald’s Game follows the experience of a couple when they tried to spice up their sex life.

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The man dies of a sudden heart attack in the middle of intercourse, leaving his partner handcuffed to the bed in a farmhouse in a very scary forest area. Gerald’s Game will force you to think twice before playing sexual games in a place where there is no third person to help if something goes wrong. Stream now on Netflix! 

The Blackcoat’s Daughter

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“Possed by demon or spirit and barbarian acts in a catholic church” is a very classic and far expanded concept in Hollywood. But, believe us – the blackcoat’s daughter will change your mind as the exorcism in this movie goes beyond any boundaries. A24’s production and Emma Roberts’s outstanding performance will bring you to face all the things that can go wrong in the life of a Catholic school child. Watch this scary movie on Netflix and chill! 


Anushka Sharma’s Bulbul is one of the highest trending scary movies on Netflix in Hindi. The movie depicts the damages done to child brides during the enigmatic women ruling era in Bengal. The movie focuses on the story of Bulbul falling into the pit of marriage in her childhood and spending her entire adult life secretly loving her brother-in-law.

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However, as soon as her husband learns about her feelings, he sends his younger brother away to London and beats Bulbul to less than death but more than torture. Bulbul depicts the courage of women that grows once women start to take a stand against everything that’s wrong in the world. Watch on Netflix now with English subtitles. 

The Green Inferno – Cannibalism based scary movies on Netflix

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Originally released in 2013, the Green Inferno will bring a little relief to your mind that up until now, you haven’t come across the act of Cannibalism in your country or surrounding. The concept of human eating human flesh is definitely heart-throbbing. Can you imagine being in a jungle taken hostage by a group of tribes that follow Cannibalism for very dark reasons? For the most part, the Green Inferno is the movie to take the imaginative experience from. 


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Netflix’s original “Cam” scary movie on Netflix portrays the horror-filled impact of sexual activities on cyber. Cam follows the story of Madeline Brewer. She in order to earn money got trapped into the world of live sex. Soon Madeline realizes that her lookalike has hacked her live sex account and this will soon damage her reputation. The climax of Cam will make you physically feel the horror of cybercrimes. 

 Unfriended – Dark Web

Netflix original scary movies
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Here are some wise words for you. “In this modern age, you should fear the web more than ghosts and spirits.” To begin with, Unfriended – Dark Web on Netflix follows the story and experience of online group members. They log in to a lethal online game using a stolen laptop. But, the major horror starts when everyone realizes that there’s no way out. 

Seed of Chucky

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Above all, released in 2004, Seed of Chucky is going to give you a real-time fear of dolls. Chucky is one of the scariest dolls in the history of Hollywood. How would it feel if Chucky manipulates his family to get to his horrifying mission? Well! Stream Seed of Chucky now on Netflix. Consequently, you will lose all your desire to sleep because there can be a Chucky under your bed. Wink! 

Stay tuned with us to get such amazing lists! 


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