Types of Case Study You May Write in School


In the academic world, a case study is quite beneficial. This type of research demonstrates that it is one of the most effective ways to learn in a classroom. Students learn more quickly and effectively when they can apply lessons to real-world situations. Additionally, they will be able to comprehend the information at a higher level. Students have been asked to make case studies for their schools, such as medical schools, law schools, and sociology schools, many times in the past. 

Case studies come in a variety of formats and sorts. Hence, students can get confused when it comes to writing a case study and prefer to pay for essay to ensure top grades. To answer a question that requires data breakdown analysis, all of them are used to deliver the answers. What could be more engaging than developing a long, in-depth case? In this article you will discover all the kinds and what they all represent.

Types of Case Study

It’s time to discuss the various case study research types. In this article, each of them will be discussed in depth. This article uses four different types of case studies for a variety of reasons. They are all distinguished from one another based on variations in their designs. Their primary objective is to study different issues that develop within a specific topic, such as an entity, group or organization, environment, or situation.

Anyone who thinks about a topic, an opinion, or an idea might come across the following types of case studies:

  • Illustrative Case Study
  • Exploratory Case Study
  • Cumulative Case study
  • Critical Instance Case Study

Illustrative Case Study

An illustrative case study will take place in a situation where there is already a theory or opinion. To better grasp the existing concept, the case study attempts to construct a typical case. It’s one of the most commonly used research methodology variants. Case studies that serve as examples are well known for their descriptive qualities. They try to cover every aspect of that specific topic in detail. In order to help the reader grasp the issue being described, it might even include one or two illustrations.

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You start with a description when writing this. The next step is to look for connections between the text’s topic and outside evidence. You can finish the study as soon as you can provide this proof. The outcomes of this case study will demonstrate how to create a different theory. Concrete findings are used in this kind of research. Additionally, it makes use of quantitative data to go deeper into the subject. A professional paper writer with years of experience can help you write this type of case study, providing all the relevant illustrations that will impress your teacher.

Exploratory Case Study

An exploratory study is a primary project carried out prior to moving forward with a significant inquiry, to put it simply. It is frequently created as a self-contained document. This is the type of case study that is frequently used in the social sciences, such as political science. Additionally, it emphasizes circumstances and contexts from everyday life.

A case study is frequently used to determine the potential research questions and techniques that will work best with a sizable case study. They act as the foundation for research projects. The fundamental goal of exploratory research is to find any areas that can benefit from more exploration. It’s a useful technique to offer strategies for more in-depth analysis.

Cumulative Case Study 

One of the primary case study models used in qualitative research courses is the cumulative case study. It’s an excellent tool for simultaneously collecting money from many sources. Without adding new details or devoting effort to conducting more research, this case study tries to synthesize earlier findings. In a sense, it’s a form of data analysis.

What else? You can look for patterns between different reports by using a cumulative case study. In case studies with comparable viewpoints or underlying theories, it can also be useful to highlight discrepancies. Overall, it will also result in a deeper understanding of a challenging subject. The certified writers at Payforessay are trained to deliver different types of case studies on any subject.

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Critical Instance Case Study

A critical instance case study is used in order to ascertain the causes and effects of a certain event or situation on the surroundings. This case study will examine the key idea critically and determine what makes it unique in order to develop some main points. The major goal of this kind of case study is to examine the many sources, each with their own interests or none at all. This kind of case study can be used to contest a generalization. It will highlight the issue or pivotal portion of the investigation.

The Primary Purpose of Case Study Writing

It should be obvious that a case study differs from other essays or research papers that a student may write for class. A case study is a useful tool for learning about a certain topic even though it only considers one variable. But why write a case study in the first place?

A case study’s primary goal is to discover new facts about an entity while conducting additional investigation. This essay is a useful teaching tool that can provide students with in-depth knowledge of a variety of subjects. What could be superior? Case studies can be a very effective teaching technique. Additionally, it has a fascinating history and growth. Many professionals agree that this essay is one of the most difficult and interesting tasks that students have to do.

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Writing is a difficult and painful process to develop. It will take a lot of research to complete the entire procedure, which includes gathering data, using prior studies, analyzing data, and producing the paper’s body. It’s possible that you’ll need to conduct several types of studies. It can, however, be a very interesting experience. Before starting an investigation, anyone who wants to make a case study needs to know what the purpose and goals of the study are. 


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