Utah’s favorite romantic comedy will surprise you

Utah's favorite romantic comedy will surprise you
Utah's favorite romantic comedy will surprise you

That’s due to the fact it’s the most famous romantic comedy movie in Beehive State, consistent with a brand new survey.

Utah is the only state in the country that ranks “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” — in which journalist Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) tries to have a courting with ad business enterprise big name Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConaughey) for much less than ten days — as a romantic comedy favorite.

To locate these results,  cross-referenced a listing of romantic comedy movies with Google Trends information on how famous those movies had been in each state.

Utah’s pinnacle desire fits in with its nearby urge for food for movies with snark and sass, in step with. Idaho favors “The Princess Bride” overall different rom-com, at the same time as Wyoming enjoys “10 Things I Hate About You.”

  Utah's favorite romantic comedy will surprise you

Most states also decide on romantic comedies that take location in their hometown. For example, Alaskans liked “The Proposal,” which stars Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in a poetic journey that takes place in Alaska, in line with.

As the wintry weather of our discontent settles in, Americans turn to love to preserve us warm.

Viewers surely have a thing for the quirky relationships which can be well known romantic comedy fare, where happy endings include a facet of adorable,” in keeping with.

You can see the complete map below.


The movie is rated PG-13 and consists of some mature content, like ingesting games and sexual humor.

According to Common Sense Media, the movie’s roots in deception offer mother and father a precious coaching lesson.

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“Families can speak about how women and men may additionally have different verbal exchange styles. And they should speak about bets that can also harm someone’s feelings. What terrible male and lady stereotypes did you notice here?”


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