Vladimir Putin Denied Owning Palace in His Opposition Navalny’s Video

Vladimir Putin
Image Credit: Sky News

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, denied owning the place in Navalny’s video. Alexei Navalny is Putin’s arch-rival.

Navalny took the dig at the Russian President, releasing a video claiming Putin owned a palace. The video went viral on social media in Russia last week. There were almost 86m views on that video.

The rumors said that President Putin’s close friends financed that palace. The billion-dollar palace apparently has a skating rink, vineyard, and even a casino.

Video Credit: YouTube

Hundreds of People of Russia showed support for Navalny

Navalny is in jail and is going to serve there for 30 days. He went to jail last week due to a violation of parole rules. He is 44 years old and Russia’s significant leader of the opposition. The Russian authority took him into custody at the airport on January 17 while returning from Berlin to Moscow. He was recovering from a severe poisoning in Germany.

President Putin said that the video was boring. The makers have distorted it with the palace video like a montage to spread wrong rumors against him.

During a chat, he told students that there was nothing which he or his family owned but not listed to the government.

Putin had no time to watch the full video, but he had some glimpse of it. According to him, no children of underages should participate in the protests favoring Navalny. Those protests could occur in the streets, and the police would take action according to the law.

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Putin said that The rallies which happened on Saturday supporting Pro Navalny propaganda were not legal. The police arrested many protestors from that rally.

He added that one must not seek personal gain in politics. Those protests were the result of Navalny’s anti-president propaganda.

What was in the video of Vladimir Putin?

The team of Mr. Alexei Navalny released the controversial video when he came to Moscow from Germany. The video showed that President Putin owned a £1bn worth palace. It was part of histological bribery.

Navalny said that people had made the palace for the Russian President to bribe him. Mr. Navalny had been criticizing Putin’s role as president for long enough on social platforms. He accused Putin of being a feud leader with people around him intending to loot the country.

The video also showed that Russia’s Federal Security Service possesses approximately 27 square miles of land beside the palace. The palace is near Gelendzhik, a resort.

The video consisted of several other allegations

Mr. Navalny earlier in 2017 accused the former prime minister Dmitry Medvedev of having huge luxurious properties. However, the prime minister declined those claims. Dmitry Medvedev was a close colleague of Mr. President. The opposition leader’s Anti-Corruption Foundation made these claims on Mr. Medvedev.

Tim Whewell from BBC reported in 2012 about this palace. He said that an ex-business associate of the Russian President informed him that the palace has all the specifications from Mr. Putin. It is for his personal utilization. Later the spokesperson of Putin dismissed these accusations about the palace and other his personal prosperities.

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Leaked Panama Papers found involvement of Putin’s associates in corrupt dealings

The Panama Papers also claimed in 2016 about many deals that took place offshore. Those deals were suspicious and had the involvement of Putin’s close associates.

Those leaked investigations had names like cellist Sergei Roldugin. He was Putin’s family friend for years. The President, though, declined his involvement in any of those corruptions. He said that his rivals were aiming to tarnish his administration.

Vladimir Putin has been in the President’s office since 2000. He had many close associates in the elite club of Russia. Putin used to work in the secret service of Russia and the office of mayor St Petersburg. So it is no surprise that he must have rich and powerful friends from that time only.


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