Westworld Season 3: Here’s What We Expect From The New Season

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Westworld Season 3:

The third season of Westworld seems to be a new beginning for the series, thanks to its new settings and characters. We are just a few days away from the premiere of the third season of Westworld.

The series created by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan was launched in 2016 by HBO and we were surprised by its existential questions and its unusual setting: a futuristic park where visitors can live a completely realistic Old West experience.

The third season seems to be a new start for the series. After watching the first episode of Season 3, it becomes clear that Westworld is looking to expand its horizons while keeping one foot on its roots. As you may remember, the end of Season 2 marked a change of location for several of our characters.

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Dolores and Bernard escaped from the park after destroying (or at least we think so) the visitor data that was collected by Delos. This will be one of the big differences this season: we will spend much more time in the “real world”.

Westworld Season 3: Here’s What We Expect From The New Season
Westworld Season 3:

The real world has an interesting futuristic design, although it does not have the originality of the combination of aesthetics that we saw in the first two seasons thanks to the parks.

The interesting thing will be to see how writers play with the science fiction elements they establish, as the season promises to compare what it means to live “in the real world” with the world of parks.

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But apparently this season of Westworld will not just focus on reality. After all, what would Westworld be without Westworld? Recall that there are characters that remained in the park, such as Maeve and William. In addition, apparently we will visit a new park called War World, set in World War II. Will we also return to Shogun World?

What becomes clear after watching the first episode is that Westworld is looking for a second wind, a new life further from its first two seasons. In that regard, Tessa Thompson is correct in saying that it feels like a new beginning.

There are many completely new elements. We only hope that you do not leave behind the interesting proposals you have already made. As we said before, what would Westworld be without Westworld?

What is certain is that although the second season was well-received, he made it clear that the series needs to grow so as not to get stuck in the same park and the same characters. It will be interesting to know more details about the society behind an entertainment like Westworld, without losing sight of the interesting ideas that Joy and Nolan pose in those worlds of lies.


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