What is LEI? Is it mandatory in the UK?

LEI Register

The concept of LEI may come to confuse many new organizations in the market because of its infrequency of discussion on various platforms. To begin with, LEI or Legal Entity Identifier is a 20-character based code allocated by Local Operating Units associated with Global LEI Foundation. For the most part, the LEI Code is specifically designed to provide a virtual identity to all major organizations that handle financial projects like insurance companies, banking institutions, investment companies, and real estate brokerage companies. 

However, that’s the short definition of LEI – Legal Entity Identifier. Yet, the main question stands, who needs it and who does not? What type of companies in the UK require to submit LEI while trading with a foreign non-individual client? Do you also have all these questions in mind? If yes, then you have come to the accurate platform.

Today, we brought to you a brief guide on LEI – Definition and crucial terms related to it. Let’s get started: 

What is LEI or LEI Register?

To begin with, as mentioned above, LEI is 20-character based virtually applicable code that allows non-individual finance-based organizations to obtain a virtual entity in order to get access to a global database. In sailing words, you can call it a “business tag number,” which acts as a verifying code for your particular business entity. 

In comparison, LEI Register is an officially verified website where you can apply for a Legal Entity Identifier for your business which deals in forex, bonds, stock, and other such ways of finance. 

Why do you need LEI for your business? 

According to history, the concept of LEI first commenced in 2011. But, in 2020, the significance of LEI will be improved because many finance-based organizations have accelerated the acquisition of new technologies and virtual platforms of money like online stocks, bonds, forex, crypto, and so on. Thus, in the UK, LEI has become mandatory for companies in the event that they want to continue their professional relationship with other finance-based companies. 

Here are some pointers that depict the significance of LEI in the UK: 

  • Without a Legal Entity Identifier, a company cannot engage with another company professionally which has LEI because LEI contains all the databases related to daily company transactions. As a result, no LEI means no online transaction. 
  • LEI makes your company’s identification in the market unquestionable by providing an LEI certification. You no longer need hundreds of documents to identify your company while applying for business loans. 
  • Since LEI is developed by ISO, it means that the concept is in operation all over the world. Thus, as fast as you apply for LEI, you will become open to creating business relations in foreign countries. 
  • For now, LEI is quite new. Thus, you can apply for LEI on LEI Register without any hassle. Soon, LEI will become compulsory for all non-individual organizations in order to continue their financial service in the market. You can apply for LEI for different time-period, a.k.a., 1 year, or 5 years. After the given period, the LEI certificate will require renewal. 


Want to apply for LEI online? Go to LEIRegister and get the job done under the guidance of experts. Drop all your queries in the comment section. For any LEI-related issues, mark us in your favorites and get new information every day. Thank you!


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