What makes Google Pixel 4-5G Verizon one Step Ahead Of The iPhone 11?


A gossiped Pixel 4 5G would give Google a limb up on the iPhone, which likely would not get 5G until late 2020.

The firm is reportedly “testing” a 5G model for the launch in the not-too-distant destiny. (See widely cited summary from Japan’s Nikkei.)

But even if Google does not start immediately trucking a 5G Pixel 4 along with the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL – expected to be declared on Tuesday – possessing a 5G phone going into 2020 is a nice idea.

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Customers will be bombarded by the 5G marketing promotion from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and others. So, a 5G option is reasonable.

What makes Google Pixel 4-5G Verizon one Step Ahead Of The iPhone 11?
What makes Google Pixel 4-5G Verizon one Step Ahead Of The iPhone 11?

Samsung has earned lots of media attention with the launch of its Galaxy S10 5G and Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G. A 5G Pixel 4 would make a judgment because Verizon has always been the greatly aggressive seller of Pixel phones.

And Verizon is broadening the 5G coverage (what it names “5G Ultra Wideband”) in the U.S. as rapidly as it can.

Nowadays, that coverage involves:


Boise (ID)





Minneapolis (MN)

New York City

Panama City (FL)


Providence (RI)

St. Paul (MN)

Washington, DC

Range in New York City, like, as of the verge of September, is in Manhattan in spots like Midtown, the Financial District, Harlem, East Harlem, Hell’s Kitchen and Washington Heights, as per a Verizon spokesperson.

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In NYC, there is also a range in places like Madison Square Garden and the Lincoln Tunnel Javits Center, and the Theatre District.

And Verizon will make twice as much coverage in NYC by the horizon of the year.

See this catalog of the Verizon 5G locations in the U.S. and range details.

5G networks will eventually deliver much higher velocities than the 4G. Those networks will also facilitate things like smarter artificial intelligence on mobiles like the Pixel.


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