YouTube Sensation, Emily Hartridge Died In A Scooter Accident! Here’s All The Information(publish on crunchtimes and blunt news


The beloved YouTube star Emily Hartridge, 35 and personal trainer in Great Britain passed away on Friday after an electric scooter accident. In an Instagram post, the tragic news was disclosed.

This is a horrific thing to say about Instagram, but we understand a lot of you were looking forward to seeing Emily today. Yesterday Emily participated in and died in an accident. We loved her all, and she’s never going to be forgotten. It’s difficult to imagine stuff without her, she touched so many lives. She’s been an extraordinary individual.

Otherwise, the London Metropolitan Police Department published information on a collision of a scooter with a truck on Friday without mentioning its internet character.

On Friday, 12 July at 8 o’clock police were called upon to report that an electro-scooter had been involved in an accident with a lorry in the Queenstown Road, connecting it to the SW8 Battersea Park Road.

“A lady in her thirties was badly injured and unfortunately declared dead on scene” At the moment of her death, Hartridge had almost 350,000 YouTube subscribers. Seven years ago, she began posting and became famous mainly because of videos in the form of listings, typically titling footage like “10 Reasons Why…,” with subjects ranging from sex, relationships, love, sexuality, and life. Her recent video was entitled “10 Reasons to Get a Younger Boyfriend,” which focussed on the reality that her boyfriend is her junior for eight years.

The last Instagram posting of Hartridge was discussed in the meanwhile on Friday, talking about her response to a tripod who questioned her lean muscular physical condition as if she was a guy. “I never follow society’s standards and I will definitely not start now,” explained the 35-year-old in reply. On Twitter Saturday, YouTube Creators issued a declaration saying: “We are deeply sorry to know of the tragic loss of Emily Hartridge, a true British talented artist. All of her loved ones and supporters receive our ideas and sympathy.

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Fans and others of YouTubers also took social media outlets in deceit with writer Greg Jenner Tweeting: “I was deeply saddened to see it on Instagram. Five years ago, I encountered @emilyhartridge in a car and by the end of the trip, we shared all kinds of stuff about our mental health and insomnia. The Hartridge family has my deepest sympathies.”


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