Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Feb. 3rd 2011

Al Gore had a big week when he jumped a shark and broke the Internet, Jim Inhofe gets hippie groupies and a hockey player wants you to eat crud.  All this explained, sort of, and a full Moon in Part Five.

Part One: Hippie of the Week

Sophomore Hippie of the Week is another Brit, artist Antony Gormley who figures we should dispense with shoes to connect with mother Earth.  Or something.  See for yourself:



He suggests one reason to shed footwear is to express solidarity with those that have no shoes.  Because the world’s shoeless poor would appreciate a meaningless gesture from a leftie than actual, you know, shoes.

(Vanderleun gets the h/t)

Part Two: Warmists & Scaremongers

If Al Gore looks down, he won’t be looking at his feet, but a shark.  Bill O’Reilly pondered why NYC resembled the tundra and Al was only too happy to oblige with an answer:

As it turns out, the scientific community has been addressing this particular question for some time now and they say that increased heavy snowfalls are completely consistent with what they have been predicting as a consequence of man-made global warming.

Except that’s not exactly true, hence the shark, jumped.  To make matters worse for Al, he was linked by Drudge and the Intertubes melted his site down.  Foiled by the very Internet he invented, oh the ironing.  He’s still not getting his own section back either.

Ex-NHL hardman Georges Laraque was profiled for his green bonafides – he’s a vegan and deputy leader of Canada’s Green Party (no, really).  The reason for the profile is to promote his new Montreal vegan restaurant – Crudessence.  I’m guessing crud must be something tasty in French.  Or perhaps it’s just true what they say about vegan food.

Who will spare us these pesky geneticists?  Canada has had to put up with fruit-fly geneticist David Suzuki forever, and the UK now has gene-fiddler Paul Nurse pretending to be a climate expert.  Is funding that hard to get for genetic research, or is it just too much work?  In Oz, the new head of scientific body CSIRO called himself a science ‘numbskull’. Finally, an honest man in the warmist arena.

Bill Maher, a contender for the world’s most unpleasant person award every year, participated in a debate on global warming and turned it into a debate on religion.  Because that’s what he does.  It is odd that Maher hates religion so much when he is a fully-paid member of the neo-paganist global warming cult, but he’s a comedian (allegedly), so it’s OK.

Global warming may mean doom for Basmati’s aroma.  Add it to The List.

Warmists often need rescuing from themselves as we’ve noted before.  This week alarmist Lonnie Dupre had to be pulled from Mt. Kinley because it was too cold.  Nothing raises awareness of global warming like a fool nearly freezing to death, well played Mr. Dupre, well played indeed.

The Met. Office lied, the BBC cried.  The full story, revealed.

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