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Science? What science?

There’s much excitement about the new study based on NASA data that Forbes suggested ‘blows a gaping hole in global warming alarmism.’

The study does, in fact, severely damage the warmist theory that the planet is in peril from a trace gas esssential to life on Earth, but it does not blow a gaping hole in global warming alarmism. It should, but it doesn’t. Let me explain.

For most climate alarmists, it’s not about science and never has been. If it was about science, Weepy Bill McKibben would be laughed into oblivion for insisting that 350ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere is a ‘safe’ level, Joe Romm would be seen as an emotional train wreck in the pay of a far-left organization and Michael Mann would probably be an unemployed lab tech with a grudge.

Yet to warmists, these guys are rock stars because they’re willing to spout nonsense that makes the incurious and the follower-set feel good about themselves. If it was about science, the debate might actually be over, but climate science is dodgy at best. No matter how many tears Weepy Bill sheds or how spittle-flecked the Rommper room becomes, as more and more evidence is collected, mankind looks less and less culpable for global warming. When there is any, that is.

Already one rebuttal has been published, but not of the science. First it defaults to the ‘consensus’ argument, then it disregards everything else because Roy Spencer is involved. Every good little warmist in the world knows that Spencer is a ‘denier’ who must not be listened to. They will read the rebuttal and perfectly valid scientific findings will be dismissed on nothing more sound than the notion that a consensus in science means anything, and that the pesky guy who nearly rocked their worldview can be ignored because he once accepted a free mug from a Shell station, or something.

So next week will be business as usual. There will be warmists, and skeptics. There will be warmists who turn into skeptics, and maybe even some skeptics who turn into warmists. And yes, there will still be deniers. Except that after the NASA revelations, the deniers will be the ones still pretending that their cozy little scam isn’t blown into a billion tiny little pieces.

Good luck with that.


Oh wait, did I mention Weepy Bill? I did, didn’t I. Who wants some Charlize?