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Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Dec. 15th 2011

Hippies defend junk science with junk science, a Canadian MP loses his cool and Senator Inhofe accepts a challenge.

All this and a hottie, because the show must go on.

Part One: Hippie of the Week

The results are in after Round 1 of voting for Hippie of the Year, and the three winners are:

  1. Prince Charles, with 29% of votes
  2. Tim Flannery, with 23% of votes
  3. Richard Branson, with 13% of votes

This week, pick your favorite HOTW from the most-read Round-Ups from July to December. Next week the Top 6 will face off for the prestigious (and inaugural) Hippie of the Year award.  The winner will be announced December 29th.



This poll closes at noon, December 21st.

Part Two: Warmists

Climategate 2.0 has finally provoked the legal machine into taking action. Against bloggers. UK blogger Tallbloke had computers seized and the Air Vent and Climate Audit have been threatened with action too. Jo Nova is enraged, and has thoughts:

Now, more than ever, all the people that value their freedom need to stick together. Whistleblowers and radio personalities need blogger back up, big bloggers need small bloggers, every blogger needs commenter and emailer support, with letters to editors and friends. Every link in the chain helps. The establishment need to know that we will not be intimidated, there are many of us, and the more they push, the more we will tell the world.

Shorter version: I am Spartacus.

So far, there’s no sign of action at Chez Bayonet. I’m sure the power company vans, telephone company trucks, floral delivery service vehicles and the fella in dodgy shades who’s walked his dog around the block 15 times since breakfast are there all the time, I just never noticed them before.

Hippie heartache as the man who put the mess in Messiah admits he cannot control the weather. So this claim was just hubris:

“This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

Hollywood stars have opinions about the climate. Danny Glover, Harrison Ford, Daryl Hannah, Mark Ruffalo, Leo DiCaprio et al all love to spout nonsense about the weather, while behaving in way we’re told will turn Gaia into a fiery death-hell from, er, hell. One blogger has had enough, and delivers a skewering to la-la land they won’t soon forget:

The understudy you placed in the lead role of this nation can’t even memorize the script. He’s a teleprompter short circuit away from revealing his status as a talentless buffoon  – and then there are his actions. He knows economics like Ed Wood knows great cinema. Perhaps you will now pay attention, but quite frankly, I don’t think you’re that smart.


The Queen’s cousin wants to build a wind farm on his land, because he needs the money, but local serfs are in uproar over the plans to blot their landscape. Or rather, his landscape that they have to look at.

Oh noes, global warming causes more pussy. Cats, that is, are breeding like, er, rabbits thanks to a harmless trace gas. Add it to The List. Thanks to reader Carl for the tip.

It’s official. David Attenborough, the once-respected, but now somewhat tarnished TV wildlife fellow, has lost the plot:

…it is quite possible that within the next 20 or 30 years that North Pole in winter will remain open so you will be able to sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Al Gore has practical tips to debunk deniers.

Grist can’t figure out why Americans aren’t buying the global warming bunk, but fortunately a Columbia Psych prof has discovered it’s because average Americans are frogs in pots.  Unfortunately for Grist, the notion a frog won’t jump out of a gradually warming pot until it’s too late, is false. Using junk science to defend junk science, oh the ironing.

needs garlic

An anthology of climate poetry, or skeptic poetry. Something. I don’t know, they lost me at ‘poetry’, because I’m Phylis Stein.

Global warming muppet Jim Hansen is outed for saying stuff even his own data can’t support.

Oh noes, birds will not be able to outfly global warming. Darwinism can be a bitch.

Going Hungary? A Monsanto crop is plowed under, and hippies celebrate, because who wants to feed poor people, right?

NASA discovers that Gaia may suffer rapid climate change, unless warming can be kept under the ‘safe’ 2°C level. Surely they can’t mean this 2°C level:

“The 2 deg C limit is talked about by a lot within Europe. It is never defined though what it means. Is it 2 deg C for the globe or for Europe? Also when is/was the base against which the 2 deg C is calculated from? I know you don’t know the answer, but I don’t either! I think it is plucked out of thin air.”

 – Phil Jones

Climate ‘scientists’ complain that folks won’t believe them, and wonder why that could be. Maybe they should ask Ann Maest.

Donna Laframboise gets reviews, and Minx the Merciless has links to other blogs working as hard as she is on exposing NGO’s. She also notes how everything gets skewed when your pay check depends on their being a climate crisis.

The Economist ponders a question:

A HUNDRED years from now, looking back, the only question that will appear important about the historical moment in which we now live is the question of whether or not we did anything to arrest climate change.

It’s far more likely that 100 years from now, looking back, journalism students will wonder how a once-respected news magazine so completely lost perspective.

Justin Trudeau, progeny of the execrable Pierre Trudeau, became upset at Canada’s withdrawal from Kyoto and uttered some very un-parliamentary language. He took an avalanche of criticism for his tantrum, which probably made him nervous, considering family history.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

CO2 is good for crops. Who knew?

A US Congressman demands proof from the EPA:

EPA claims it will “protect hundreds of millions of Americans, providing up to $280 billion in benefits by preventing tens of thousands of premature deaths, asthma and heart attacks, and millions of lost days of school or work due to illness,” because of the cleanup of mercury, sulfur and nitrogen oxides, and other emissions.

Exactly where did the EPA come up with these incredible health benefits?

How unreasonable, demanding proof, it’s not like the EPA is pushing up energy costs or anything. Oh, wait.

Aussies are increasingly upset about the direction their government is headed. Especially since not many voted green but are getting all-green, all the time policies.

Heartache in the Maldives, developed nations owe no ‘climate debt’.

Canada, the world’s favorite climate bad-boy, is under fire for not prosecuting global warmers, according to a group calling themselves ‘Ecojustice’.

Big Oil wins in Durban. Take that, Gaia.

North America is awash in natural resources, and stupid hippies who get in the way.

Britons are increasingly wary of global warming as an issue. Which is a shame, as most of them will be paying for daft solutions to it for the next lifetime.

Popcorn futures are up, way up. Sen. Inhofe has accepted a debate on global warming with Ralph Nader and Rep. Ed Markey. It hardly seems a fair fight, two warmists versus one skeptic. Perhaps Nader and Markey can find some more people to balance things up and give themselves a chance.

Here’s a great idea. Let’s use government grant money to reduce the time it takes to reduce paperwork to get… government grant money. All they have to do now is call it a green job and they’re really winning.

Sushi lovers can download an App that warns them of how much mercury is in their lunch. All we need now is an App to warn Americans of how much mercury is in their light bulbs

there's an app for that?

Maurizio Morabito has a graph that would, in a sane world, end global warming hysteria forever and send hippies packing. But it won’t.

Britain suffered an exploding bird shredder problem, which provoked some most excellent snark.

Top ten inconvenient truths about global warming:

8.  Benefits of warmth:  A little warming isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  What’s wrong about a longer growing season in Northern Europe, a thawed Northwest Passage in Canada, or easier energy extraction in Siberia?  Not to mention the economic impact of lower heating bills in New England.

Scotland’s plans to save itself from a harmless trace gas essential to life on Earth may cost £11 billion. Which pretty much kills that idea dead.

Hurricane predictors give up, because pesky hurricanes can’t be predicted. Unless you’re Al Gore.

Wind power is a pipe dream that makes no sense economically or environmentally, and it’s not safe for people working with it, either.

Germany’s solar industry is about to go kaput. Ya.

Part Four: Global Hottie

The global hottie this week is the star of a TV show and the upcoming Avengers movie. She’s also Rule 5 compliant. It’s Amanda Righetti’s first appearance on the Round-Up and she appears to be warning us of the danger of rising sea levels, or something.


Thanks for reading.