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Global Warming Weekly Round-Up, Jan. 12th 2012

The BBC is busted for bias, a pesky trace gas essential to life on Earth saves us from a new ice age and mutant lizards will rule the world.

Part One: Hippie of the Week

It was slim pickings for nominations for a hippie of the week, but fortunately the Sierra Club came though in the form of Michael Brune, their Executive Director.

US readers will already know that when their lights go out it will be in large part thanks to the unaccountable activists at the Sierra Club, something they’re proud of, apparently. But that’s not why Brune is awarded HOTW, his recent blog about the ‘strength’ of environmentalism today proves denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

In 2011, the environmental movement rediscovered that its most valuable asset is the spirit that brought millions of ordinary people together at that first Earth Day. Whether you call them tree-huggers, do-gooders, or Americans, it is these millions of ordinary people who refuse to succumb to cynicism and apathy that remain the heart and soul of this movement.

Brune’s problem is that while hard-core activists are as noisy as ever, their audience is shrinking. Also, while he touts the delay to the Keystone XL project as a major win, the fact is a new route is about to be proposed, and President Obama only kicked the can down the road to after the election, he didn’t kill it. As soon as he’s counted the hippie votes in November, he’ll approve the pipeline to appease his union backers. If he wins, that is.

Unfortunately for Brune, Amanda Carey thinks the green movement is dead in the water:

Extremist rhetoric has badly damaged the environmentalist cause. The Danish environmental writer Bjorn Lomborg and two enlightened environmentalists at the Breakthrough Institute, Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger, put the blame squarely on the environmental movement. It has no one to blame but itself.

Part Two: Warmists

Al Gore’s dream of being a television network giant is in tatters, but the global warming prophet profiteer is moving on to the next big thing, games:

…entries have been narrowed down to the 10 top finalists, which was then whittled down to four by Gore himself. Among the finalists are Greensquare, “a gaming platform that gives you and your friends a new, greener way to explore local retail store, restaurants and businesses”. Gore was particularly taken with REALiTREE, “a digital representation of our local environment and the role we are playing in sustaining its wellbeing.”

“Games are fun,” Gore told an audience at a “Gaming For Good” event in New York.

Or they used to be, until Captain Chakra got his clammy hands on them.

Fidel Castro is still not dead, but is worried about the threat of nukes and CO2 to Gaia. In related news, the Doomsday clock moved forward a minute this week. Coincidence? Somehow, a Cuban CO2 crisis doesn’t have the same frisson of danger as an actual missile crisis.

The Maldives government is pondering a move to Australia for the day when global warming claims their island paradise. Aussies shouldn’t sweat a Maldivian invasion, when they’re not posturing for global warming cash, they’re selling 50-year leases on uninhabited islands for new resorts. Oh, wait, we weren’t we supposed to notice that.

Global warming helps lizards learn more quickly.

I, for one, welcome our new lizard overlords

Last week, we noted Newt Gingrich regretted his decision to warm up Nancy Pelosi on a sofa while Al Gore filmed the action. He was a struggling ex-Speaker at the time and needed the money. But now Nancy is upset at being called the ‘dumbest thing he’d ever done.’ Or something.

Anti-whaling hippies may be dining on blubbery goodness on their long voyage to Japan to face charges. Expect very thin hippies to arrive in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The Guardian notices one of the reasons for falling support of global warming is activists:

…while many people sympathise, they’re reluctant to associate themselves with the views of green activists and turn away.

White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley is inspecting the underside of the Obama bus, and hippies are celebrating the loss of a man they blame for Obama’s climate inaction.

Soylent has fun with Volts, or as Ace calls them, rolling immolation murder-carts.

Say it ain’t so. Local councils in the UK don’t understand green energy. Does any level of government?

British pies will never be the same. Global warming threatens rhubarb crops. Add it to The List.

A new snake has been discovered in Tanzania. The Matilda’s horned viper has not only been given an unfortunate name, but was found just in time to be endangered. Some species are just lucky that way.

Time Magazine wonders if this is the Year that Winter forgot. It isn’t, but Alaska is the state that Time forgot.

The UK’s Secretary for Energy and Climate Change has landed in some legal hot water after using anti-terror laws to go after a wind power critic. Fidel never had these kinds of problems.

Tom Nelson finds the email that should bury the BBC and any pretense that it isn’t hopelessly biased in favor of global warming.

Richard Branson believes the airline industry will soon be one of the greenest in the world:

…personally I think that the aviation industry will go from being a dirty industry to one of the cleanest industries in the world very rapidly because we’ve only got 1700 petrol pumps to fill around the world to look after all airlines.

So that makes it okay to fly people into space for fun and profit. Right?

The WWF can’t get its own facts straight about polar bears and gets Nelson’d for it.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Carbon emissions will save us from a new ice age, or at least delay it. That sound you hear is every hippie head exploding.

Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, is no fan of giant bird shredders:

“They are ridiculously expensive and don’t work half the time,” he said. “And no matter how many are built, they won’t replace coal, gas or hydro or nuclear plants, because they are continuous and wind is not always reliable.” Moore told his audience the wind energy industry in Spain has resulted in a 30% unemployment rate among people under the age of 30.

Wind farms also have trouble coping with, er, wind.

Japan stopped subsidies to wind power, and suddenly there are nearly 70% fewer projects. The wind may be renewable, but other people’s money isn’t.

Global warming will be good for British farmers. Who knew that warm weather, longer growing seasons and a bit more plant food in the air could be good news?

Climate science is in an error cascade, and it ain’t pretty:

In extreme cases, entire fields of inquiry can go down a rathole for years because almost everyone has preference-falsified almost everyone else into submission to a “scientific consensus” theory that is (a) widely but privately disbelieved, and (b) doesn’t predict or retrodict observed facts at all well. In the worst case, the field will become pathologized — scientific fraud will spread like dry rot among workers overinvested in the “consensus” view and scrambling to prop it up. Yes, anthropogenic global warming, I’m looking at you!

Oh noes, Arctic freshening isn’t caused by global warming, and The Day After Tomorrow is still based on junk science.

why yes, this is a completely gratuitous picture of Emmy Rossum

Oh noes, part deux. Ocean acidification is entirely natural. It’s as if Gaia doesn’t need to be saved.

But wait, order now and get a third hh noes, free! Global warming isn’t man-made but natural, and predictable:

An extensively peer-reviewed study published last December in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics indicates that observed climate changes since 1850 are linked to cyclical, predictable, naturally occurring events in Earth’s solar system with little or no help from us.

Watts Up With That passed 100 million hits. To add some perspective, that’s only 2,000 times larger than Al Gore’s Current TV’s largest audience.

Hippies are desperate to stop the shale gas miracle, and blame the fracking process for earthquakes, among other things. But in the US, fracking and earthquakes go together like, er, oil and water, and in the UK, geologists say fracking is safe:

Fracking, as the process has become known, is unlikely to start earthquakes stronger than magnitude 3.3 on the Richter scale, a level that typically causes no damage to property, and most will be around magnitude 2, said Peter Styles, a professor of applied and environmental geophysics at Keele University.

Who knew a good fracking could make the earth move?

Norway has discovered a huge reserve of oil in the Arctic, which gives the world another place to buy the black gold from without propping up stone-age thugocracies. Saudi Arabia hardest hit, with any luck.

Finally, a solution to global warming we can all get behind: do nothing. Don’t procrastinate, get on with it while there’s still time.

Donna Laframboise, aka Minx the Merciless, links the suspension of common sense in the financial world to the IPCC and global warming:

Normal rules were jettisoned. Ordinary morality was abandoned. Disbelief was suspended. The few souls who tried to sound the alarm were ignored, ridiculed, demoted, or fired.

In other words, the behaviour I’ve spent the past three years writing about isn’t unique to climate science. The same pattern is horrifyingly evident elsewhere. It’s as though our IQs have all dropped sharply in recent years. It’s as though we have no standards anymore.

Part Four: Global Hottie

Sometimes, for unexplained reasons, it’s good for the soul to look at Eva Mendes. This is one of those times.


Thanks for reading.