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Glacier Discovery Walk approved

Jasper Park, in Alberta’s Rockie Mountains is to get a new attraction, the ‘Glacier Walk’:

“Glacier Discovery Walk” consists of a 400-metre trail with a glass-floored observation deck extending 30 metres into the Sunwapta Valley near Highway 93.


The project was approved over the objections of environmentalists who think the walk might upset sheep, or something:

“The truth is we don’t know a lot about what the impacts to wildlife like mountain goats or big horned sheep will be…we know they travel through the park and we know they get threatened by things that are above them and we believe this type of threat has not been fully assessed.”

The site of the Walk, the Columbia Icefields, is a place where the awesome power and beauty of the natural world is raw and rugged.  You’d think greens would support a project that gets people close to the glaciers they’re always trying to save.

Perhaps they’re worried the glacier might start going the wrong way and upset their fundraising.