Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Mar. 8th 2012

The Hippie of the Week suffered a temporary case of multiple personality disorder, a Kennedy proves technology saves lives and we don’t recommend the soup down under. No, really.

Part One: Hippie of the Week

This week’s Hippie of the Week comes to you by a tip from Anthony Watts, skeptic godfather and man behind the most-read climate site in the world, after some odd behavior in the comments on this post. While hippies might see this as evidence of collusion between evil skeptics, it’s really not. Anthony simply suggested I use his recommendation, or something bad would happen to my racehorse. I don’t own any sort of horse, but when faced with an offer you can’t refuse, why look a gift hippie in the mouth?

The HOTW winner this week is Malte Humpert, Founder of the Arctic Institute. Malte disagreed with things being said about the Arctic Institute on WUWT, but felt it necessary to create sock-puppet identities to defend his case. He got caught, and made a statement on the Arctic Institute’s web page:

Updated March 10

The quote by Malte Humpert and his picture have been removed following a copyright claim by Humpert and/or the Arctic Institute.

To comply with a copyright claim by Malte Humpert, the image that was here has been replaced with this picture of a friendly donkey. Because who would complain about a pic of a nice ass?

What Humpert did at WUWT wasn’t as egregious as Peter Gleick’s illegal phishing of the Heartland Institute, but it indicates a disturbing lack of professionalism. Hippies with strong feelings about geographic areas of Gaia like the Arctic and Pacific would do better to check themselves into Institutions instead of running around founding Institutes.

Unfortunately for Malte Humpert, the efforts to disguise his personal identity at WUIWT only led to a closer look at the Arctic Institute. It turns out not to be an ivory tower filled with learned men with frostbite stories and a penchant for polar bear jerky, but Humpert’s apartment in Washington DC. Oddly, the building has a history of harboring pesky critters:

[REDACTED*] House has bed bugs. I do not think that all of the apartments are infested – but mine is! I have been covered in bites and am miserable.

Note, this is an anonymous report to for the same address, not a report from Humpert. Probably.

Congratulations to Malte Humpert for the big HOTW win, and for being the latest victim of boomerang activism. That’s when whatever you throw comes full circle and smacks you in the back of the head when you’re not expecting it, in case you wondered.

*I’ve got the link, but there’s no reason to publish Humpert’s address.

Part Two: Warmists

Stop the world, Joe wants to get off. The Rommulan suggests we need a ‘massive and rapid deployment of zero-carbon power. It’s a nice idea, but you’ll have to make do with a massive and rapid deployment of hysteria instead:

If you want to have a serious chance at averting catastrophic global warming, then we need to start phasing out all fossil fuels as soon as possible.  Natural gas isn’t a bridge fuel from a climate perspective.  Carbon-free power is the bridge fuel until we can figure out how to go carbon negative on a large scale by the end of the century.

Unicorn futures are up.

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