12 Best Crossword Games to Play Online

Crossword Games to Play

Crossword has been a classic game for making people smarter. We have been playing this game for years. As the growth of the digital world increased, many online platforms such as 911 puzzle are offering online Crossword games to play. 

Getting a Crossword book can be time-consuming. So, choosing a website for playing this game is the best idea in today’s world. In this article, we are covering the twelve best Crossword games you can play online. These games not only make you smarter but you can also enjoy them. So, let’s find out. 

Best Online Crossword Games 

As we mentioned, there are several Crossword games available to play online. If you are confused about choosing one, we are here to help you out. We have handpicked twelve free Crossword games in the following:

1. New York Magazine Crossword

If you have been loving Crossword games for a long time, you might know about New Your Magazine. Well, this game is one of the most popular ones right now. This game includes pop culture references that can be a proper enjoyment. If you are a fan of bar trivia, this one is the ideal puzzle game for you. Visit New York Magazine’s official site to play. 

2. Boatload Puzzles

We can’t leave Boatload Puzzles when it comes to the best online crossword games. Hence, it’s the best one for beginners as this game offers several easy puzzles. You can get the clues instantly. Overall, Boatload puzzles are perfect for a quick online game. If you are ready to play, visit New York Times’s website. 

3. Cryptic Crosswords

According to many people, Sunday’s crossword is hard compared to weekdays. To prove this statement wrong, you need to play Cryptic Crosswords. This online game is very popular in the UK and Australia. Hence, many beginners are choosing this game for improving their skills and enjoyment. You can get various clues, wordplays, and tricks while playing. Visit the official website of The Guardian for playing. 

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4. Crosswords for Kids

If you want to make your kids smarter, you need to let them play crosswords. Well, when it comes to a dedicated online game for kids, it could be hard to find. The good thing is you can try out Crosswords for Kids. This online crossword game website also allows you to print crosswords, so you can limit your kid’s online time. 

5. Newsday Crosswords

If you are looking for a fun crossword game, Newsday is a great choice for you. This website provides daily crossword games. The best thing is you are getting an amazing Sunday puzzle on this website. Moreover, you can access several videos before you start playing. Plus, you can choose Sunday’s puzzle as per your skill set and experience. 

6. The Washington Post Daily Crossword

The Washington Post Daily Crossword is another popular online puzzle game in today’s world. This crossword game was created by Rich Norris. From beginners to experts, this puzzle game is ideal for everyone. Hence, you can print crosswords for offline play. You can play digitally while a timer is running in the background. If you want to play, you can visit The Washington Post’s official website. 

7. Dictionary.com Crossword

If you have used Dictionary.com for finding words before, you might know that there’s a puzzle game as well. This crossword game isn’t just amazing but it can also improve your knowledge. On the other hand, it can also improve your vocabulary and language skills. Hence, this game is suitable for kids. Just visit Dictionary.com and play your favorite puzzle game for free. 

8. USA Today Crossword Puzzles

If you are looking for another free puzzle game online, you need to check the USA Today crossword. Well, this puzzle game is ideal for beginners. If you are playing for a long time, you can choose the ‘expert’ level. Besides the website, you can also download this puzzle app for iOS and Android devices. If you want to use the paid version, you can get a 7-day free trial. 

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9. Independent.co Crosswords

Independent.co is a well-known website for puzzle games. The best thing is you can play crossword games for free. However, you need to turn off the ad blocker while using this site. Besides puzzle games, this site also provides similar brain games such as The Independent’s Codeword, Word Wipe, and Penny Dell Crosswords. You can visit the official website of Independent.co. 

10. The Atlantic Daily Online Crossword

The Atlantic Daily is quite popular for providing daily online crossword games. The best thing is you can play puzzle games for free here. However, there’s a twist in this game. Each day of a week gets difficult which can be very interesting if you are playing for the first time. That’s why the Sunday game is popular as the expert’s game because it’s the hardest one.  

11. Lovatts Crosswords & Puzzles

Locatts is a dedicated website for kids. If your kid is smart, this website can be their favorite one. This crossword game is popular as Spellbound. Many people are choosing this site for their kids. It can improve your kid’s trivia, vocabulary, and language skills. Moreover, they can also play other brain games such as quadra, word searches, and sudoku on this site.

12. Arkadium Themed Crosswords

Arkadium is the one-stop solution for all brain games. If you are looking for other trivia games, you need to visit this website. Well, the crosswords are also good on this platform. You can get both strategic puzzles and educational games here. Arkadium also features different types of games every week. Make sure you are playing commuter puzzles and themed puzzles here. 


Finally, you know about the best Crossword games to play online. If you are playing for the first time, make sure you are reading all the rules beforehand. We have covered some amazing games in this article that are available for free. For more information, you can visit their official websites.


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