13 Reasons Why Season 3: Here’s Everything We Know So Far


Netflix as of late discharged the trailer of 13 Reasons Why. The plot is to transform into a homicide secret with the stunning passing of Bryce Walker.

The secret itself gives a representation of the guilty party, and one should observe cautiously to perceive what precisely this season needs to feature.

Since Netflix discharged the trailer for the new season which is affirmed to be exhibited on August 23, we never again need to hold back to perceive how Bryce walker is killed.

Season 3 has a ton of characters to show up said Writer Brian Yorkey to the Hollywood Reporter a year ago. It is back with the arrival of the fundamental cast, Dylan Minnette ( who plays Clay Jensen), Justin Prentice (Bryce Walker), Christian Navarro (Tony Padilla), Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley), and Alisha Joe (Jessica Davis). Additionally, Katherine Langford assumes the job of Hanna Baker, as there’s still a long way to go about her life by watchers.


Minnette cited “There’s an entire life that Hannah had, and there’s more we can find out about her. In general, adapting all the more with respect to her is a great deal of significance to the entire account.”

Hannah will consistently be an immense piece of 13 Reasons Why significantly in light of the fact that she was the person who took her own life in the absolute first season.

“The loss of Hannah will keep on being the instigating awful mishap for this arrangement of youngsters and parents.  It will consistently be a piece of the story” previously mentioned the show’s maker Brian Yorkey.

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He additionally expressed “I generally expect there is more story to tell, however, I believe that would rely upon everybody’s response to it and whether it is imperative to continue recounting to the story. With the subsequent season, we feel that we are following the accounts of these characters, as we did with the primary season.

I do expect that our enthusiasm for the subsequent season was on the grounds that we expected to keep on following these people,”

There are still a few sections from season 2 that are not yet settled we expect are shrouded in this season, following Chloe finding that she is pregnant with Bryce’s child. At this moment, everything we can do is pause while marathon watching the past two seasons.


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