18 actors who spoke out against twilight

18 actors who spoke out against twilight
18 actors who spoke out against twilight

Think of a movie around 10 to 12 years back and the only movie that comes to mind is twilight series !! It was the talk of the Town and in the mind of every teenage girl.

That was the time when social media was not so popular. The only hero girls could think of was Edward Cullen.

Time has moved on and now it’s 2020. Twilight is no more the talk of the Town and is not much appreciated.

Not only has the fan base dwindled over the years, but the stars of twilight also are themselves not happy with what they achieved through the movie.

Here are some views of the actors of Twilight
Robert Pattinson: He got his share of limelight through Twilight but doesn’t even want to watch it now. He may watch it sometime just because he has acted in it.

18 actors who spoke out against twilight
18 actors who spoke out against twilight

Kellan Lutz: The actor never had faith in the script sparking questions as to why he ever signed the same. He found the sparkling vampire very silly.

Taylor Lautner: This actor did not appreciate the choices of the wardrobe department and felt that his character ‘Jacob Black’ was the only one always not wearing a shirt. He wanted everybody to do it once. The weather made it worse for him.

Michael Sheen: Michael acted in the movie with the sole intention of making his daughter, then a teenager, happy. He would have skipped it otherwise.

Julia Jones: The actress who portrayed the character of Leah, felt the movie sets were male-dominated and felt suffocating.

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Elizabeth Reaser: Elizabeth played the role of Cullen Matriarch was not comfortable with all the attention received by Taylor Lautner. It scared her.

Anna Kendrick: Anna says she was too happy to exit the series early and doesn’t want to be a part of the same anymore.

Kristen Stewart: The actress did not understand the character Bella which she enacted and was not happy with its development.

Nikki Reed: Nikki was not close to any of the twilight stars. She was happy when the series wrapped up.

Dakota Fanning: Though the actress does not have any bad feelings for the movie she spoke of the consequences of Fame of other characters in the movie.

Ashley Greene: The actress feels Twilight movie completely left her in ruins and she doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore.

Jackson Rathbone: The actor is concerned about the effect of the movie on his career. His character in the movie was by far his biggest role and he has not acted in anything bigger than that till now.

Peter Facinelli: The actor is not mourning the end of his character in the movie . He was rather glad that his role was done. He doesn’t want to do a vampire role anytime soon.

Jamie Campbell Bower: Jamie felt there was always a pressure on him to look bigger
Rachelle Lefevre: The actress did not agree with the choice of casting and was shocked when she was suddenly replaced as she had completely committed to the series.

Booboo Stewart: When he was cast in the movie, fans felt he looked a lot like Lautner and thought that the duo would share a good rapport. Apparently the two of them snubbed each other.

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Michael Welch: The actor did not go well with fans when he compared Twilight with Hanna Montana.

These are the views of the actors about their roles and the movie. I hope this article relived your twilight days . !!


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