What’s not to love about a fade cut? The fade is undoubtedly one of the best cuts available today due to its chicly tapered appearance and ability to provide a sleek refinement. Additionally, you may customize it to fit your style and various looks.

Low fade cuts, as the barber commonly uses number 2 clippers to make it. Hence some people call it Number 2 fade or simply 2 fade. You can go with any style up top because the fade concentrates on the sides of your head. Plus, various fade haircuts, including the low fade, are available for you to choose from.

These hairstyles are subtle but sleek, making them ideal for men who like their hair to have a slight edge. No need to go further than these top low fade haircuts if you want a minimal look with maximum appeal.

Mid Fade vs. Low Fade

The mid fade and the low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) are fantastic add-ons to your hairstyle that give structure and contrast. The two, however, clearly differ from each other.

The low fade concentrates on the bottom inch of hair as it tapers lower on the head. Because of how subdued and delicate it is, it is highly versatile and easy to customize to your tastes. So go for the low fade.


The mid fade, on the other hand, is slightly different from the low fade. It begins higher on the head. Between the ears and the temples, it tapers off. This is a great way to add structure and give the hair on top of the head a thicker and fuller appearance.

Your barber or hairdresser can help you determine the best style for your hair based on its texture and taste.

Low Fade vs. High Fade

Low Fade vs High Fade

It is easier to distinguish between the low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) and the high fade. Some men also sport long hair with low taper. The low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) is a delicate fade that complements all hair types and tapers down on the head to create a delicate contrast with the hair around the crown.

Low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) has the back and sides closely shaved compared to the high fade. This gives your hair structure and increases the contrast between the top of your head and the back and sides of your head.

This look is great for showing off your personality or trying new, modern hairstyles. There are various methods to style the low fade and the high fade.

Low Fade Haircuts

The low fade (or “2 fade”) haircut, by definition, is a simple method to add a sense of class and elegance to any hairstyle. With a low fade (or number 2 fade or 2 fade) cut, the wearer’s natural hair on the sides of the head tapers down. The taper occurs slightly lower on the head, hence the name “low fade (or 2 fade or number 2 fade).” The low fade is versatile, and we’ve selected 25 of our favorite examples.

  1. Low Fade Blowout


This is similar to long hair with a low taper (number 2 fade or 2 fade). A low fade or 2-fade blowout can be a lovely hairstyle option if you’re not scared to try something a little unconventional. The short sides suddenly transition from there to an enormous explosion of hair on the top, making the unusual style work incredibly well. This lengthening hairstyle is also what you need to slim the appearance of your face if you have a wide or round face. So go for a low fade if it suits (number 2 fade, or 2 fade).

2.Low Fade Crew Cut

Low Fade Haircut Ideas For Men - Mens Haircuts

Like the buzz cut, a traditional crew cut can benefit significantly from including a low fade (a number 2 fade or a 2 fade). We only mean the sides and the back when talking about low fade. The rest of the style remains.

The conventional cut will look more modern and in-style thanks to the tapered shave. Additionally, it will give the appearance more shape and elegance, enhancing its trendy appeal. Your crew cut will still look competent and professional thanks to the subtle fade (low cuts), making the style appropriate for both the office and after-hours.

  1. Low Fade Quiff

Difference Between a Low Fade and High Fade Haircut - L'Oréal Paris

Want a look that’s cutting-edge, fashionable, and certain to draw attention? Try this a quiff with a low fade (2 fade or number 2 fade, one of the low cuts).

This style looks great for the harmony between the short sides and the high top. Choosing a low fade over a regular or high fade is an excellent option for men with oval or long faces. It’s best to keep the sides a little longer to prevent shrinking your head because a high quiff might lengthen the face.

  1. Low Fade Comb Over

This is also one of the low cuts. The traditional comb-over is excellent, thanks to a flurry of fresh and modernized styles. While the ultra-slick comb-overs traditionally used to cover bald areas may be obsolete, there are still plenty of trendy and modern alternatives to explore. A low fade (or number 2 fade or 2 fade) comb-over is sagacious, particularly when combined with an entire top. The mix results in a style rooted in tradition but looks modern.

  1. Low Fade Faux Hawk

The Two-In-One Summer Haircut That Every Guy Can Pull Off | Summer haircuts, Mens haircuts short, Haircuts for men

Combining a fake hawk with a low fade (2 fade or number 2 fade) is one of the most innovative ways to have a look like this.

A faux hawk, sometimes known as a “”fake mohawk,”” is a less striking variation on the traditional hairdo. The hair is still spiked up in a strip from the front to the back of the head, but the sides are not detached or shaven.

Instead of a dramatic appearance, tapered cuts like a fade (low cuts) are employed to mimic the shape of a mohawk.

  1. Low Fade Buzz Cut

7 Buzz Cut Styles to Know Before You Bust Out the Clippers | GQ

The buzz cut is a perfect haircut, again, one of the low cuts. But it could be more fascinating. So, why not add a low fade if you want to flaunt the shortcut but spice it up?

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A buzz cut might benefit from a modest taper to offer some style and distinction without losing its distinctive look. By choosing a short fade, you’ll expose just the appropriate amount of skin to avoid being bald and appear purposefully sleek.

  1. Low Fade Messy Hair

100 Trending Haircuts for Men for 2022 | Haircuts for men, Trending haircuts, Mens hairstyles

Don’t worry if you love disheveled hair but are still working on perfecting your appearance. This is another one of the low cuts; a messy hairstyle can appear as fashionable as one with structured hair when worn correctly. A low fade can prevent your unruly style from looking like a messy bedhead. By keeping the sides of your hair short and angular, this simple addition will give your hairdo a feeling of organization.

  1. Low Fade Slicked Back

Low Fade With Long Slicked Back Hair | Haircuts for men, Dapper haircut, Cool mens haircuts

With both short and medium-length hair on top, the low fade looks terrific. This is similar to long hair with low taper. If you decide to go with a medium length, consider wearing your hair back in a slicked-back style to complete your look. The style complements a delicate yet elegant tiny fade wonderfully because it is refined without appearing overtly serious. To help balance out the greater length, you can also add a beard style.

However, if you don’t have much hair on the top or front of your head and are keen on gaining this look, feel free to try a toupee or wig for instant length and volume. They are an excellent alternative for achieving the trendiest hairstyles. Hair toupees or wigs are a good way to protect your natural hair from damage. Any hairstyle like this is low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) slicked-back Click here to learn more.

  1. Low Fade with Short-Textured Hair

45 Cool Low Fade Haircuts For Men (2022 Gallery) - Hairmanz

A low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) is a fantastic way to add style to a short haircut (or typical low cuts). The fade, which gradually shortens the length of the hair from the area around the temples to the ears, attracts the eyes upward naturally, giving your appearance more structure and emphasis. As a result, adding texture to the top of your hair is an excellent method to improve your look and use its advantages. So sort haircuts or low cuts with low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) is counted in again.

  1. Low Fade Pompadour

30 Pompadour Haircut Ideas For Modern Men + Styling Guide | Drop fade haircut, Low fade haircut, Mens haircuts fade

A low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) and hard part can make the pompadour, which already exudes style and sophistication, even more so. Thus, this combination is the best choice if you want a hairstyle that will stand out and make you appear sophisticated. This hairstyle will improve your appearance whether you’re going to the office, the bar, or out on a date. Remember this low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) with a pompadour.

  1. Low Fade With Textured Waves

40+ Hairstyles for Men with Wavy Hair | Haircut Inspiration

This is another similar cut of long hair with low taper. Not all low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) haircuts look their best when they are polished and kept clean. Many look their finest when rocked with an attitude and a youthful flair. As a result, combining a short taper with wavy, textured hair can look fantastic. This fashionable mix is entirely in style, edgy without being out of control, and makes for the ideal hairdo. Stick this look of low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) to your mind.

  1. Low Fade With Short Curls

23 Curly Hair Fade Haircuts for Sexy Guys in 2022

Want to showcase your natural curls while keeping them kempt? The best hairstyle for this is a short cut (one of the low cuts) with a low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade).

The cut’s short length and stylish shape will help you make the most of the texture on top of your head and keep your look under control. Even though it’s a short hairdo, your curls will make it work. Most styles of similar looks can apply low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade).

  1. Low Fade French Crop

Textured Crop | How To Style | Uppercut Deluxe US

Slightly long hair with low taper. Different hair types and textures can wear the French crop for its adaptability. It is distinguished by short hair on the back and side and a thin fringe.

Combining the traditional French crop hairstyle with a low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) is a fantastic option if you enjoy the idea but want it to feel more contemporary.

The low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) is not abrupt; instead, it tapers off gradually, highlighting the bottom inch of the hair. Your face may benefit from this framing. Hair with a natural texture can contrast and create fascinating proportions. The hair will be simpler to style thanks to your low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade).

  1. Low Fade Afro

Pin em Black Men Haircuts

It’s wise to embrace your natural hair and wear it in an afro. Your Afro hairstyle can be worn in various ways, such as keeping it at different lengths and wearing it with a fade for an edgy and relaxed look. A low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) that tapers lower on the head and down the sides can add fascinating proportions and draw attention to your curls.

The combination creates a tidy and fashionable male appearance.

Additionally, it can create structure and highlight your facial features. Because of the adaptability of this fade, you can experiment with long or short hair on top. Try combining your short fade and afro with facial hair for a balanced look.

Again, if you are keen on getting a look like this, or your hair is scarce, try hairpieces or toupees. They are easier to wear than you think. The kinky effect can all be achieved before you receive it. Click here to learn more.

  1. Low Fade With Wavy Hair

Pin em Beauties

The beauty of a low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) is that it helps to create an intriguing contrast between the hair on the sides and the top of your head when worn with naturally curly hair.

This may help increase the volume and richness of your hair. A low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) can give your haircut a modern edge while being quiet and subtle.

It might also give it a cleaner, more polished appearance. Additionally, it may be used to tame your curls, making them easier to maintain and shortening your styling time. Remember, wavy hair looks good with a low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade).

  1. Low Drop Fade

60 Excellent Pompadour Fade Ideas - Fresh Looks For 2022

Thanks to the drop fade, your haircut will have an edgy, contemporary look. It has a prominent fade that appears arc-shaped by descending low and behind the ear.

It works well for highlighting the hair on top of the head and can give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair at the crown. Any hair texture can have the drop fade applied to it, and it can be customized to your tastes.

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This includes combining the fade with a low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) for a more understated effect. The low fade will give you a new and contemporary style while producing a more graded finish and less harshness.

  1. Low Taper Fade

17 Best Low Taper Fade Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

One of the most adaptable fade hairstyles is the low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade). It has a more understated appearance, highlighting the lowest inch of hair and tapering along the sides while leaving the top of the Readhead’s hair longer. All hair textures look fantastic with the fade, which may be customized to your taste. Choosing a low taper fade, a gradual fade that often starts from the center of the head is one option. It is excellent for giving your haircut structure and will contrast with the hair on top, the back, and the sides.

  1. Low Skin Fade

51 Best Taper Fade Haircuts For Men: Illustrated Style Guide

The fade haircut may be customized to fit your personality and style and is excellent for adding structure to your hairstyle. This can be the best technique for those who want to bleach the skin subtly.

The hair on the sides receding to the skin defines the skin fade. This fade is more dramatic since the contrast between the hair on top of the head is more pronounced. It will look more natural if you begin it low on the head, close to the bottom inch of the hair.

The low skin fade can be worn with a traditional haircut for a classy look or something new and daring if you want to stand out.

  1. Low Taper Fade With Curly Hair

100 Modern Men's Hairstyles for Curly Hair | Haircut Inspiration

All haircuts and textures look excellent with the low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) because it is flexible. The top of the head is kept long, and a subtle contrast is created by the low taper fade, which progressively shortens the hair on the sides of the head.

This may produce an effortlessly sophisticated and manly finish while providing hair structure. A fade can help curly hair lose some thickness and weight, making it simpler to style. The curls also offer a softer appearance, which the sharpness of the fade can enhance.

  1. Low Temp Fade

30+ Temp Fade Haircuts: 2022 Trends + Styles

The temp fade is also known as the temple fade, which tapers around the temples and is excellent for emphasizing the hairline. The last inch of the hair will be the focal point of a low fade, which is lower than other fades.

These two styles put together will give your hair structure.

It will also enable you to express yourself and bring out your facial features. Maintaining the temp fade does involve many trips to the barber for touch-ups. Nevertheless, the result is an excellent, manly haircut that works well with all hair textures.

  1. Low Bald Fade

Step-by-Step: Low-Medium Bald Fade | American Salon

The bald fade is for a man who wishes to stand out from the crowd. This is also considered long hair with low taper.

To create contrast and play with proportions, the hair is left longer on top of the head and shaved short on the back and sides.

You can choose a more discreet style by beginning the bald fade lower on the head. Less contrast is produced as a result, but your haircut still has structure.

You may style it in various ways, such as a sleek, brushed-back look for a vintage or classic look. Alternatively, add volume to the head’s front for a fresh, expressive appearance.

  1. Low Fade With Curly Fringe

A low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) is one of the many curly hair styling options, providing a great texture. As it begins lower on the head, a low fade is a subtle and discreet approach to faded hairstyles.

From about the bottom inch, the hair will progressively disappear.

It is a fantastic method to let your curls stand out and give your hair a tidy, structured appearance.

It might draw attention to your curl pattern and make it the outfit’s centerpiece. Additionally, doing so will give the top of the hair a fuller, thicker appearance, which may be attractive. The weight and mass of the hair can be reduced with a fade, making it simpler to style and take care of your curls.


  1. Low Top Fade

Your Ultimate Guide to Low Fade Haircuts.

Choose a low-top fade if you want a unique combination with your fade. It reduces contrast as it fades lower on the head. The low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) is more subdued than many other fades.

Any hairdo, even one as daring as the flat top, would benefit greatly from having this feature. The flat top comes in various styles, from the 80s method with a distinctly flat cut on the top of the head to the more contemporary and comfortable variations.

Whatever variation of the flat top you choose, a winning combination includes the contrast between the volume and fullness on the top of the head and a subtle fade. It’s time to remember this low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) with a low top.

  1. Low Fade With Beard

130+ Low Fade Looks That Are Highly Stylish For Men

The low fade can be customized to fit your preferences and enhance the texture of your hair. Additionally, it looks fantastic when worn with facial hair.

The low fade and a beard will produce a more delicate and understated finish by striking a balance. The low fade creates less contrast with the hair on top of the head as it begins lower on the head, around the bottom inch. This makes it a low-maintenance, effortlessly chic style that is perfect for all occasions.

  1. Low Fade Haircut for Black Men

25+ Low Fade Haircuts For Stylish Guys -> October 2022 Update | Low fade haircut, Black man haircut fade, Fade haircut

The low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fade) haircut has numerous benefits, one of which is that it gives your hair structure. The top of the hair is left longer while gradually tapering the back and sides.

This can help afro-textured hair lose some of its volumes and make it simpler to style. It also adds volume, giving the top of the Readhead’s hair a thicker and fuller appearance.

This look may be pulled off in various ways, including dreads and short afros. Your haircut will look more contemporary and edgy thanks to the low fade, giving it a slight edge.

Final Thoughts

The low fade is more than a hairstyle. As the number 2 hair clipper is commonly used to make this effect, low fade cuts are also called by many people the number 2 fade or 2 fade for short.

The low fade cut can be adapted with many other hairstyles to add different feels or personalities to the wearer. Generally speaking, almost all haircuts can be upgraded with a low fade.

Any hairstyle can be combined with a low fade (number 2 fade or 2 fades). Any low fade styles or cuts can also be achieved using hairpieces or systems, such as toupees, wigs, etc. That’s for men who don’t have much hair and those who don’t like excessive hair styling. The hairpiece gets attached to the wearer’s scalp using special adhesives or tapes, and the hair will mix perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair. No one can tell he is a hairpiece wearer. He can go swimming, skydiving, etc., and the hairpiece doesn’t go anywhere.

Click here for today’s top-notch hair system.



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