3 Ways To Find Out What Your Partner Is Up To

Your Partner

Trust is crucial for a relationship to work, as we all know. While both the parties need to have their privacy and space, hiding secrets is a big no-no. 

A classic example is that in a healthy relationship, using each other’s mobile devices is never a cause for concern. But if your partner behaves skittish around their phones, or tends to be overprotective about their digital devices and tries to keep it as far away from your reach as possible, then it might be a red flag for, you guessed it, cheating. If such behavior is accompanied by other tell-tale signs, like coming home late, or being vague about their plans, then the cause for concern is even more. 

In this case, you should try and find out what your partner has been doing. Here are the best ways you can track your partner’s digital behavior and uncover what they’ve been hiding from you. 

  • Message Tracking Apps

Of course, the most damning evidence that will help you uncover whether your partner has been cheating or not is message tracking apps. Of course, you could always wait for your partner to leave a room or go to sleep before opening their phone, but there is always the risk of getting caught at any moment and there is a lack of proof as well since you can only read them. If you download an app to track text messages, you will be able to read whatever messages and texts your husband exchanges through social media platforms, whether that’s Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, or any other app. Installing such apps is generally pretty easy and all you need to know is your spouse or partner’s Cloud ID or phone code. You don’t need to generally jailbreak the device to be able to use the same. 

  • Keyboard Tracking Apps (Keyloggers)
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Another way you can find out what your partner has been engaging in is by installing a keyboard tracking app on their phone. Basically, these apps work in the background and track whatever is being typed on the device. It then relays the information chronologically, thus letting you know what your spouse has been searching for and texting about. These are also fairly easy to use and install, and fairly undetectable, and discrete. So you can remotely find out whatever you want, without getting detected. You can find a variety of keyloggers, which are compatible with Androids, iOS as well as PCs. Most of them are also subscription-based, with an affordable payment amount every month. 

  • GPS Tracking Apps 

While this isn’t necessarily an app that will let you get access to your spouses’ text messages, it will still manage to give you an idea about what your spouse has been up to, and if they’ve been going to any questionable places. This is a great idea if your spouse tends to make excuses about their whereabouts, or has been showing a pattern of coming home late without any specific, believable reason. GPS trackers are much easier to use and install, and with apps like Find My Friend, you can track where your partner is without a hassle. 

However, it is important to remember that you should resort to these apps and ideas only when there is no other option or the signs are blatantly obvious and there isn’t another explanation. To the extent possible, try to openly approach your partner about any behavior of theirs that may be making you feel doubtful or suspicious. Only when such methods do not pan out, you should use these highly effective apps, which will surely bring all true to the light.

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