4 Steps of How to Tap a Keg With a Party Pump


Planning to have a big beer party? No more need to carry a lot of bottles – just take a barrel with your favorite beer and serve it to your guests.

Of course, you need to look for a good keg pump for sale, which pumps keg beer through the tap into the glass. Air is used to push the drink through the dispensing system.

After you use the pump and the oxygen gets into the barrel, you will have about 24 hours to empty the contents of the keg. Otherwise, the drink will become flat.

Before using this equipment, make sure the drink is well-chilled.

You can do this in the following ways:

  • With an ice bucket (not the most convenient and practical option, as it gives uneven cooling).
  • With the help of an insulated cooling bag (in this case, the beverage will be cooled evenly and will stay chilled for a longer time).

How to open the keg pump correctly:

  1. Insert the base of the pump into the lugs on the top of the keg. Turn the system clockwise until it’s snug.
  2. Pull the lever and push it down. Knock on the barrel.
  3. If you cool the drink with an insulated cooling bag, we recommend that you use a special opening to access the beer tap. It’ll provide better insulation.
  4. Once you plug the device in, don’t forget to zip it around to keep it cold.

During such bottling many brewers face excessive pressure inside the keg. To avoid this, follow the instructions in para.2 – knock on the keg before inflating it with air.

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The longer the beer is defended, the less foam will be while dispensing. It is possible that in the beginning, you will have to drain a few glasses of foam.

With the best option, one glass filling should take about 6-8 seconds.

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