4 Things to Pack for a Long-Distance Road Trip


Long-distance road trips can be a wonderful way to discover the beauty that surrounds you. They give you a chance to take in some incredible sites, visit some off-the-beaten-path destinations and attractions and take control of what kind of vacation you have. You’re in control of the route, the itinerary and the pace, which can be a very freeing feeling. As you prepare to set off on your long-distance road trip, there are some essentials you’re going to want to pack. Here are four that you’ll want to add to the list.

The Perfect Road Trip Music

What goes perfectly with a long-distance road trip? The ideal music playlist, of course. There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road while jamming to your favourite tunes. You can take some time before you leave to build your playlist and ensure all your favourites are on it.

Plenty of Road Trip Friendly Snacks

There’s no doubt that you will make stops along the way to eat and drink but it’s still wise to have a variety of snacks available to you in the vehicle. These can be a perfect pick-me-up and give you that boost of energy when you’re lacking or they can be just enough to tide you over until your next meal.

Some road trip friendly snacks include:

  • Homemade trail mix
  • Popcorn
  • Grapes, sliced cheese and crackers
  • Veggie roll-ups
  • Vegetables and dip (hummus is a high energy dip)
  • Granola bars
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These types of snacks may require a little prep time in advance and tend to be best stored in a cooler.

Rely On Your Smartphone or Tablet for Entertainment

Even though you will be spending a fair amount of time on the road, there will also be downtime. This is the time when you have finished driving for the day, you’ve visited all the sites you wanted to see, and now it’s time to just kick back and relax. And what’s a great way to kick back and relax? With a little online entertainment of course.

You can use your smartphone or tablet to stream movies and television shows, browse the internet, catch up on your social networks and, perhaps most entertaining of all, enjoy some only gaming. You can download a variety of gaming apps or check out online browser-based games like online slots. The great thing about digital entertainment is that it’s perfect for small doses of fun or you can easily pass hours with your device.

Just be sure you pack your charging cord and perhaps a backup portable battery pack to ensure you’ve always got juice in your device.

A High-Quality Camera to Capture Incredible Shots

In terms of taking pictures, do you typically rely on your smartphone? While the cameras on mobile phones are pretty high-quality nowadays, they just can’t rival that of a feature-rich camera. If you’re heading out on a new-to-you route, you are bound to encounter all kinds of fabulous sites. So, why not ensure your pictures accurately depict what you see and invest in a good quality camera?

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There are a few things to consider when buying a camera:

  • Do you want a point-and-shoot model or a more professional-grade DSLR?
  • How heavy, bulky and large of a camera are you okay with?
  • How comfortable is the camera to hold?
  • What kind of accessories should you buy for the camera?
  • What’s your budget?
  • What kind of shots and light conditions will you be dealing with?

All of these questions will help you to narrow down your options.

As you pack all your items for your long-distance road trip, this list of essentials should not be forgotten.


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