5 Health Benefits of Cannabis That Everyone Should Know

Health Benefits of Cannabis

Over the last several years, states like Illinois, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio have legalized medical marijuana for their residents. Though it is hard to access medical marijuana from these states, a medical marijuana card from Elevate Holistics will save you. Let’s see 5 health benefits of cannabis that everyone should know.

What once seemed far-fetched by marijuana enthusiasts has become the norm, with researchers and users alike singing the praises of the cannabis plant’s medicinal properties.

There are so many, in fact, that it’s understandable not to know them all … yet.

Still not quite sure what cannabis’s main medicinal properties are? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we share its five top health benefits.

1. Cannabis Ends Your Sleepless Nights

The cannabis plant comprises several compounds that contribute to its medicinal potency.

Two of these compounds, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), are the most frequently studied.  

Conflicting studies have shown that CBD helps promote more restful sleep, while others purport THC induces better sleep.

One study took 147 participants with and without issues sleeping and gave them all a dose of cannabis before bedtime. Interestingly, each participant said the cannabis helped them fall asleep faster.

Though the study’s authors do not say whether participants used a cannabis strain with a specific CBD to THC ratio, they note that tinkering with THC levels can make sleep more or less productive.

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2. Cannabis Relieves Your Anxiety

People who suffer from various forms of anxiety have discovered relief in cannabis.

Scientists believe that the calming effect a person who ingests cannabis experiences isn’t just a “stoner” stereotype. Cannabis may reduce anxiety levels due to how it reacts with your existing brain chemistry.

It’s crucial to note that CBD is the cannabinoid most responsible for relieving anxiety. High THC levels seem to have the opposite effect and may actually cause more anxiety than it cures!

3. Cannabis Heals Your Chronic Pain

One of the most promising health benefits of cannabis use is how it helps relieve chronic pain. 

Millions of people across the globe have chronic pain, the result of myriad health issues. And traditionally, they often turn to prescription medications to try to manage pain and inflammation.

But studies show that CBD can be a game-changer for managing chronic pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Though more studies are needed, cannabis’s positive effects on pain management may mean less reliance on prescription medications in the future.

4. Cannabis Squashes Your ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder disrupts the lives of children and adults everywhere. 

But studies suggest that cannabis can help reign in the symptoms of ADHD, making it a possible alternative to prescription drugs and cognitive therapies. 

How does it do so? Researchers believe that cannabis increases dopamine levels in the body, which in turn helps us concentrate. 

And as an added bonus, unlike prescription drugs like Adderall and Ritalin, cannabis does impair appetite or sleep cycles (as we discussed). Many people also believe it is far less addictive than dangerous prescription drugs too.

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You can read more about cannabis’s effect on ADHD here.

5. Cannabis Slows Tumor Growth and Spread

Both human and animal studies show that cannabis may slow the growth of cancerous tumors.

The role cannabinoids play in the body’s endocannabinoid system may be the key to how this happens. Research suggests that cannabis triggers the endocannabinoid system, which in turn kills cancer cells in tumors of the brain, spine, liver, pancreas, and melanoma.

Conversely, it seems cannabis use can actually increase the growth and spread of cancerous tumors in breast tissue and the ovaries.

Of course, what makes cannabis and cancer research so intriguing is the prevalence of cancer and the lack of known cures. If it can slow down the death rate of several types of cancers, that is a huge boon for the science and medical industries.


These are just a few of the primary health benefits of cannabis that everyone should know. 

And with medical marijuana dispensaries cropping up across the nation, individuals who suffer from these and other specific health conditions will be able to try cannabis and judge its efficacy for themselves.

What’s more, other studies are of course in the works, meaning cannabis’s health potential may continue to offer us benefits yet unknown. 

Once we’re able to fully tap into cannabis’s possible health and wellness capabilities, it may just be one of the largest medical breakthroughs known to humankind.


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