5 Ideas for an Avengers Birthday Party

Avengers Birthday Party

Do your kids dream of becoming Batman or Spider-Man one day? Do they talk all day about Iron Man, Daredevil, and other comic book characters? Then a crazy Avengers Birthday Party is a great chance to make kids’ wildest dreams come true and let them feel like superheroes for one evening!

Start by decorating your birthday party, design it from A to Z! Create a realistic atmosphere with posters and banners, garlands, lamps, pompoms and crepe paper. Don’t forget to order branded themed Mylar balloons like these https://balloons.online/licensed-mylar-and-foil-balloons/the-avengers-balloons/!

Now we will share with you a few ideas for the best Avengers birthday party!


  • Buy colorful balloons, make paper masks, various emblems, and logos of Avengers and glue them to your balloons. Keep in mind that “walking balloons” always make toddlers happy, so have some of them at your party.
  • If you are decorating a large space, you can opt for grandiose balloon arrangements! Inflate Orbz balloons and arrange a huge arc-shaped decoration over your party table, photo booth, or stage if you have one at your party. Such a bog colorful background will help you take amazing party photos!
  • Balloon columns can also transform your interior nicely: all you have to do is stack themed balloons (you can combine, for example, silver and red Diamondz and blue Orbz) in a specific order and secure them with tape. Then, install a Mylar balloon in the form of the Avengers character’s head at the top of your column.
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Make garlands out of old Marvel/DS comics, and decorate the ceiling and walls with them. You can also use colored and foil paper, as well as glue themed cutouts, emblems, etc. on the paper parts of the garland.

Also, it is a good idea to add a balloon garland made in your party color scheme to your decorations! For example, you can inflate red and white balloons, use balloon tape to assemble your garland, and add some Mylar balloons in the form of your favorite superheroes in the middle of it.

Themed posters

If you have some big posters of superheroes, they can come in handy! It’s also a good idea to print out large posters of epic movie scenes and glue photos of your friends instead of faces of superheroes. This way, you can create fun and unexpected wall decor!

Candy buffet

Your candy bar should not only be full of a wide variety of themed treats but also look great! Get plenty of transparent containers of different shapes to make the sweet contents shine with bright colors! Place the lollipops in the first row, next to the scoopable bulk candies. 

To make the serving even more spectacular, use cake stands of different heights to lay out different treats.

Volumetric superhero “accessories”

Make voluminous fake swords, hammers and other familiar superhero accessories out of foam or cardboard. Kids will have a lot of fun using these accessories during the photoshoot!

Unusual lighting

Use luminous decor in your design: lava lamps, LED garlands, neon sticks and bracelets, luminescent paint. In semi-darkness, such scenery will look especially impressive!

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If you want to create a really chic photo zone, think about creating the “City of Superheroes” in advance!

You can easily make such a décor yourself using cardboard boxes of different sizes (be sure to get a few long boxes to form skyscrapers). Once you’ve assembled the background, you just need to paint it and let it dry. You can make it even easier by gluing themed photo wallpapers on your boxes.

Now, add some light and your photo backdrop is ready! 


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