5 Reasons To Move To Apple From Windows

5 Reasons To Move To Apple From Windows
5 Reasons To Move To Apple From Windows

If you’re looking to switch from Windows to Apple, there’s never been a better time to go with your gut and do it.

Despite its already existing aspects to the attention to detail, the simple software, innovative products, Apple computers are at an all time high with its newest product coming into the market earlier this year.

Though they’re slightly on the higher end of the price scale, Apple computers offer the general user everything they are possibly looking for in a laptop. Its wide array of selections only makes it a better deal to jump into right this second.

#1 – Equipped with everything you need

Depending on what you need out of a computer, you might be able to spend a relative cost of a Mac to purchase an Apple laptop to find yourself completely satisfied. But if you’re after something a little more powerful, chances are you’ll need an Apple computer.

And unlike the hulking, plastic behemoths of yesteryear, today’s Macs have actually risen above and beyond other computers in terms of design, and in some cases, are aping its style better than the first competitors in the field themselves.

5 Reasons To Move To Apple From Windows
5 Reasons To Move To Apple From Windows

#2 – User-friendly to its core

Over the years, some of the most common reasons users gave for being hesitant to switch from Windows to macOS have revolved around fears that the jump from the way Windows computers work to Apple would be too confusing, that it’d be too difficult to swap over after years of using Microsoft software.

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#3 – The one and only, dark mode

Apple fans have recently felled in love when the company introduced a dark mode to its iPhones, which literally turns all the white parts of the operating system into dark colors. Now the stylish feature is also on its computers.

#4 – Talk to Siri

If you like talking to Cortana on your Windows computers, you can talk to Siri in much the same way on Mac computers, and if you own the latest edition of the 2019 Mac, you can choose to wake him or her by simply touching its icon on the TouchBar.

#5 – Em dashes, too.

This one is really just for grammar nerds, but if you rely on em dashes—like these—in your writing, there’s no other simple keyboard shortcut for them like there is on Macs.


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