5 Ways Construction Time Tracking Software Can Boost Productivity

Time Tracking Software

For construction project managers, several components constitute operations in the construction sector. Time Tracking Software includes improving the performance of workers, managing crew members and their timesheets, and most importantly, consulting contractors and subcontractors.

Time-tracking tools can significantly leverage construction productivity, automating the process and eliminating human error.

Project bottlenecks, delays, and budget overhauls continue to haunt project managers, which is why global construction firms can embrace sophisticated tools like the SmartBarrel device to sync with software to stay productive.

Using one of these robust construction management tools, you can streamline your operations.

What does construction time tracking software do?

Construction workflow software helps project managers and supervisors track the manpower and hours worked for multiple projects. This way, it becomes easier to record a worker’s time on a particular project. Most importantly, deploying these smart tools eliminates common workplace issues like buddy punching or pilferage.

When the workers arrive at your job site and leave, the system efficiently logs them in and out. The advanced systems work on foolproof mechanisms like fingerprint or face recognition. This way, the on-field record of working hours directly reaches your accounting and payroll management department.

It eliminates the paper-based manual process, which is susceptible to errors and human manipulation.

Most importantly, time-tracking software boosts productivity in the construction industry. 

The information remains centralized and globally accessible through the cloud system. Supervisors or teams can coordinate and work on their respective processes from different locations.

How can construction time tracking software increase productivity?

Construction productivity largely depends on how you optimize your workforce and technology. The process also encompasses how you allocate your resources and labor. With powerful time tracking software, you can ensure proper information flow in your system to help you make informed decisions. This holds the secret to staying productive in the construction sector.

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Here’s how a construction time tracking tool would prove handy for your firm:

  • Streamline back-office operations

The traditional paper-based system can slow down your back-office operations. It can take a lot of time to manually sort through piles of papers and slips. It doesn’t make sense to waste human resources calculating the performance of your subcontractors and workers.

Automating the process into the cloud-backed system eliminates human error. Moreover, you can streamline the tedious process while software seamlessly organizes the data into a manageable format.

Digital attendance software can record your workers’ exact time at the job site, eliminating the need for a construction timekeeper. Accordingly, the tool feeds the information into your payroll management system. This saves your business valuable time.

  •  Better performance management

A dedicated construction productivity software can help project managers remotely assess the performance of their workers. Every supervisor wanting to encourage employees to yield a better performance will need meaningful data to communicate to their workers. 

Construction management tools record all the necessary particulars, so you can seamlessly track your employees’ performance.

Construction managers can also perform variance analysis and incorporate other techniques to work on performance management. Accordingly, you may arrange incentives for promising workers to deliver better performance.

  •   Eliminates time theft and buddy punching

A significant percentage of employees engage in ill practices like buddy punching. Considering the massive size of the construction industry, weeding out the menace becomes almost impossible.

However, you can prevent time theft with biometric attendance features in leading construction time tracking tools. Construction managers can keep an eye on the loss of productivity. There’s hardly any alternative to such robust tools that enhance output and minimize labor costs.

  • Streamlining project management

Failing to feed your timesheets with accurate data ultimately costs your company. If you’re already using some of the leading project management tools, you’ll need them to integrate with time tracking software.

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Sophisticated tools like the SmartBarrel device can seamlessly integrate into other systems. The time tracker automatically populates systems with accurate data.

Depending on what type of work you assign your workers, you’ll need to clock their on-field job hours. With time-tracking tools providing you with valuable data, your project management efforts will receive a boost.

Moreover, time tracking data can significantly motivate teams and help them manage their time better. You can boost construction productivity through accurate time management and project costing.

  •  Minimize wasting time

Often, employees unknowingly squander valuable operational time on tasks that aren’t a priority. With a time-tracking tool, construction project managers can monitor where employees are working or spending their hours.

You can also allocate specific tasks to your workers based on the project’s current needs. The smart insights of these tools help you assess their productivity levels. With these insights, project managers can assign tasks that a particular employee is comfortable with. This prevents wasting time, as you’ll be less likely to engage the wrong employee with something high on the priority list.

Time tracking software provides insight

You gain detailed insight into your project details when you have real-time information at your fingertips through the time tracking software. It becomes easier to assess extra costs spent on rework, production issues, or communication problems.

This lets you adjust your project’s cost structure and communicate with respective departments regarding problems at hand. Timely decisions can help you eliminate the possibility of expensive repairs. Thus, you’ll have accurate project valuations.

Successful construction firms are more willing to embrace intelligent time tracking software and accompanying tools. Getting one of these powerful tools can help you and your team stay productive.


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