6 Natural Remedy for Menopause Every Woman Must Know!


30-Second Summary

  • Menopause is when menstruation comes to an end and with its fertility. 
  • You could say you are in menopause if 12 months have passed, and you have not seen a menstrual period. 
  • Some women believe that they are safe from menopause until the mid-forties or early fifties. But it can start when you are already in your mid-30s. 
  • The average age for women to enter menopause is 51 in the USA. But because of some health conditions, eating disorders, cancer, and other reasons, menopause can start early. 
  • Top-rated menopause supplements, exercise, and healthy, organic food can certainly help you keep your cool in menopause.

Can Natural Remedies Help with Menopause Symptoms?

The menopause cycle is a natural biological process. It’s not some medical disease that needs to be solved. It is simply part of the different phases in a woman’s life. It could be sad to realize that your fertility days and your sexual attractiveness are over, but this is not the case. You can be vital, attractive, and sexy into menopause and beyond. 

All-natural remedies are there to help you achieve that again. Putting back what menopause has taken away, bringing your hormones into balance again so that you can take charge of your life again and stop worrying about embarrassing surprise flashes. 

We’ve Got 6 Natural Ways To Start Putting You Ahead Of Menopause.

  • What You Put In Is What You Get Out In Menopause.
  • Organic Fruits and VegetablesOrganic veggies and fruits have dietary fiber that are useful in improving your digestion and maintaining healthy appetite levels. Besides, they also contain antioxidants, which help slow down the aging process and help balance hormones.
  • Natto – Fermented soy, like natto, contains a phytoestrogen. It helps to balance hormones. 
  • Phytoestrogen Foods – These are plant-based estrogen that copy the effects of natural hormones produced by the body. 
  • Omega-3 FatsOmega-3 fats from fish and flaxseed smooth your skin, counteract inflammation, and protect the heart. Healthy fats and cold-pressed oils help to regulate estrogen production. 
  • Probiotic Foods – Probiotics are healthy bacteria. They may help regulate active hormones in the body and protect your cognitive functioning.
  • Water – Water replaces lost fluids, decreases bloating, and washes away toxins.
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Top-rated Menopause Supplements

Have you heard of Kindra? While you are busy renewing your body with the above health foods, Kindra can fill in all the gaps. It’ll take care of the hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and imbalanced hormones. It’s absolutely worth a shot because it’s working for you while you are living life.

  • It’s Time To Cut Out The Stuff That Makes Menopause Worse.
  • Packaged foods – Packaged foods, many times, contain ingredients such as sugar, chemical preservatives, and high amounts of additives, toxins, and salt.
  • Conventional meat – Processed meat can contain added hormones. While buying, opt for animal proteins that are free from hormones and are grass-fed without being caged. 

Stay away from GMO-fed meat with added hormones.

  • Fried Foods and Refined Oils 

Foods that have been prepared using highly processed vegetable oils, often contain high levels of omega-6 fats. It might cause inflammation and other ailments such as diabetes, heart-related issues, and cognitive impairment.

  • Carbonated Drinks – Carbonated soda, full of sugar, depletes the body of calcium. It contributes to bone loss, osteoporosis, and tooth problems.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol aggravates hot flashes and contributes to weight gain.
  • Fantastic Natural Treatments
  • Black Cohosh – It prevents menopausal symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes. It improves sleep quality and reduces hormonal imbalances.
  • Natural Progesterone Cream – It helps with vaginal dryness, bone density, and fibroids. It may also help in the management of perimenopause.
  • Vitex or Chasteberry – It aids in reducing hot flashes. Besides, it contains hormone-balancing properties, regulating fibroids, skin changes, irregular periods, and sleep problems. 
  • American Ginseng – For thousands of years already, ginseng has been used to increase sexual arousal, as well as give extra energy. 
  • Red Clover – This herb helps to prevent bone density. Besides, it contains isoflavones, which help in reducing symptoms associated with estrogen loss like trouble in sleeping, weight gain, hot flashes, etc.
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Other wonderful herbs and foods to try are Maca rootSt. John’s wort, and adaptogen herbs.

  • Managing Stress

Why does stress cause menopausal symptoms to get worse? It is because our hormones fluctuate as we approach menopause. It changes the way we emotionally and physically deal with and respond to stress. It can become a vicious cycle. The hormonal changes create stress and that makes us more vulnerable to stress, which affects our menopause symptoms. As mentioned above, Kindraa revitalizing hormone supplement, may help control stress effectively. 

  • Essential Oils Do An Excellent Job.

Clary sage oil does an excellent job of balancing the hormones and offering relief from menopausal symptoms. Others are Roman chamomile oil, which is a good one for reducing stress. Peppermint oil helps reduce the body temperature from the terrible heat of hot flashes. 

Essential oils help balance hormones naturally. Always remember to buy pure oil. Then all you do is rub a couple of drops of your chosen oil on your feet or at the back of your neck once to three times a day. You can combine an essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil to reduce its strength, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Exercise And Sleep Count Big Time.

Exercise is very important, even more so during the menopause cycle, and it keeps your weight down as well. Exercise does a lot more. It encourages good sleep, controls inflammation, and helps with muscle wasting and bone loss. Even chronic stress can be reduced with exercise. Studies have shown that if you start exercising three times a week for 12 weeks, you can see a difference in sleep quality, depression, and insomnia.


Just the thought of menopause sometimes can have us conjuring up all kinds of unwelcome symptoms. Sometimes the list of symptoms can be pretty disheartening. Nevertheless, menopause can have a positive impact on our lives and bring on welcome changes. Different women experience menopause in different ways – some breeze through it while others suffer from mild to even severe symptoms. 

But whatever the symptoms, as you can see, help is there in a variety of ways. Don’t delay. Your health is your responsibility, and you are in charge because your body deserves all the TLC it can get. Change your life during the change of life for happy results.


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