6 Tips for Building Your House on a Sloping Site

Sloping Site

Do you wish to build a dream home on a sloping site? Are you someone who gets fascinated by the sloping terrains?

Some people prefer living in the sloping terrains, and for that, they simply look for renowned luxury home builders Melbourne or in any other place they live in to build their dream home. But that’s not all!

If you want to build yourself the best home, it’s important you know some things as well. In that way, you will be able to supervise the maker and know how your dream house is being built!

6 Tips to Help You Build the Best Home on a Sloping Site

We have specially handpicked 6 pro tips that can help you build yourself the best house on sloping terrain. So, let’s check out what they are:

1.   Cutting and Filling

When you’re thinking about building a house on a sloping site, make sure you’re cutting and filling. During the process, builders on the sloping site would have to carve out a plinth.

When a part is cut out from the bank is then reserved back for making up the level out the lower-level edge. It may depend on the slope type, but this method happens to be the best low-cost solution to build a house on the slope as one does not have to take carts of spoil away from the site.

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2.  Stilts

Another tip that we would suggest while building a house on a sloping site is stilts. In that way, you can easily build a house on an extremely steep sloped site. With this, you can also limit the expensive foundation building. Moreover, it also helps to negate the tanking requirement. What’s more? It also helps to leave the ground untouched.

3.  Go for Retaining Walls and Basements

Make sure your engineers work on creating basements. However, this may leave a strong force on the surrounding land banks that lead to making them retaining walls. But if you choose an experienced company, they will know how to perform a great design to ensure waterproofing. Also, we would like to mention that some people might even go for gabion walls or low-level retaining walls.

4.  Drainage

When you’re building on a sloping site, you will have to have a higher cost of the building when it comes to sewers and drainage. In case you have the sewerage system on the uphill of the site, you will have to get pumping systems installed. And in case your house is on the downhill, then you will have the sewers flow down.

Also, it would be best to keep in mind that when you have a water run-off, you will have to see you’re dealing with surface water with sufficient measures. Make sure you check the drainage channels and soak away well to avoid the surface water from filling up the lower floor.

5.  Maximize the Views

In case you’re building a house on the sloping site, make sure you’re maximizing the views as much as you can. And to achieve the benefit of a steep slope, you can try building a building that is stepped and that gives you a chance to have slimmer rooms with views.

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Also, we would suggest you go for green roofs or sedum to give your house an interesting look. We would even suggest going in for patios and small open decks to get an overview of the lower portion of the slope.

6.  Accessibility

It’s important to keep a note about the accessibility of the steep site. You have to pay close attention and think about how people are going to move around and through the steep site.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has the dream of owning a house. And some people love to build it on the sloping terrain. But it is important that you consider certain factors well before you start building a house, and sometimes you can use a scaffold tower for rigid and robust construction https://www.lakeside-hire.co.uk/scaffold/aluminium-tower-hire

A house is a dream that everyone wishes to have, so incorporate the above-mentioned tips, and you’ll see your house look as beautiful as ever. And if you’re taking the help of engineers while building the house, make sure they are experienced and have incorporated the tips we’ve given above in their house design. 


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