7 Great Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Co-workers

Show Appreciation to Co-workers

Who doesn’t like to be appreciated? Whether it’s a simple “thank you” or something more elaborate, showing appreciation for your co-workers is an easy way to keep morale high and productivity up. With so much time spent in the office with these people, it’s important to make sure you look out for each other. Whether you work in a small office or a large corporation, taking the time to show appreciation to your co-workers can be truly valuable. Visit Swag Bar for some ideas on how to show appreciation to your employees.

Here are 7 ways that you can show your gratitude:

1. Bring In A Small And Thoughtful Gift For Them

If you’re thinking of a special token as an expression of gratitude, you might consider bringing in a small and thoughtful gift for them. A personalized mug with their name written on it is one great example, or think about having mugs that read “Best Co-Worker Ever” with their name printed below. You can also show appreciation with flowers, chocolates, fruit baskets, or a gift card. Flowers are usually an easy way to say thank you and show appreciation. Attach a small note to the flowers with a handwritten message to put a smile on their face. 

2. Write A Thank-you Card And Hand It To Them In Person

One of the best ways to show your co-workers that you appreciate them is by sending a thank-you card. There are many reasons why this works so well, but one reason will definitely be because it shows how much thought and effort you put into saying “thank you.” When was the last time someone thanked you for all the hard work you have been putting in? Probably never. Your co-workers will be blown away by the fact that you took time out of your busy day to send them a thank-you card, and they will appreciate it more than any gift or money could buy.

3. Give Them A Compliment For Their Valuable Work

Another great way to show your appreciation for a co-worker is by complimenting them. There’s nothing more satisfying than receiving an acknowledgment from someone who can clearly see how hard you’re working. If they’ve been doing something that has gone above and beyond, this would be the perfect time to let them know what it was that you’ve noticed. This is especially great for new co-workers who need that extra morale boost.

4. Invite Them Out For Lunch Or Coffee Break 

Inviting your co-worker out for lunch or coffee can be a great way to show appreciation too. It lets them know that they are appreciated and valued. It also feels even better if you invite more than just one person, which shows how much effort was made by you on their behalf. Such invitations are great when done regularly with other co-workers. These simple gestures really go a long way towards creating goodwill with co-workers and make the workplace a fun place to be.

5. Send An Email Thanking Someone For Doing Something Great

When you see someone doing something great, send them an email to let them know that they went above and beyond. Emailing is a simple way of showing appreciation for what the person did because it can be done anywhere at any time, no matter how busy their schedule might get. Imagine a co-worker sending you an email after you helped them out with something at work. It’s often unexpected but very much appreciated and makes you feel like more than just a coworker.

6. Take On Some Of Their Workload When They’re Feeling Overwhelmed

It’s a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. When you take on some of their workload, they’ll notice how valuable they are at your company. It’s also a nice gesture to let them take the day off if they’ve been working extra hours. Remember that we all have our limits, and we need to take care of ourselves. Hectic days at work are no fun and can lead to burnout. Opting to help out shows that you really care about their well-being. Plus, it feels good for you too. 

7. Buy Coffee For Everyone One Morning Or Bring In Donuts 

Want to go the extra mile? Bake a batch of cupcakes or cookies and bring them in for everyone to enjoy. This is great because everyone loves free food. For something less complex, buy some coffee beans along with the means to brew it and make sure there’s always fresh coffee waiting throughout the day. These are both simple ways that you can make your co-workers’ days just a little bit better. It’s a perfect way to give back to the people that spend so much time with you.

Go Ahead and Appreciate Them

No matter how you feel about your co-workers, it’s important to understand that appreciation is a great thing. They could be rude or annoying sometimes, but the least we can do for them is show our gratitude and appreciate their efforts in making work life easier. There are many ways to show appreciation, so don’t get discouraged if one way doesn’t work for you.


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