8 Essential Lawn Care Tips for Homeowners

Lawn Care

Many homeowners fail to realize all the lawn care tasks they need to do to keep their lawns healthy and strong. Even when they do have extensive lawn care experience, figuring out how to take care of their lawn in a time-efficient manner can prove difficult. To help owners up their lawn care game, here are eight essential lawn care tips they should know about in 2022: 

1. Educate Yourself About Your Lawn

If you try to handle your lawn care needs without doing any research first, you’re incredibly likely to cause unintended (and potentially expensive) damage to your yard. Be sure that you know the type of grass your lawn is made up of, how strong its foundation is, and what type of lawn care equipment you’re using before you dedicate yourself to any lawn care tasks. If you need help figuring out this initial information, ask a trusted neighbor in your area to get you started (the right way). 

2. Turf Lawns are In

Many homeowners simply do not have the time needed to properly take care of their lawns. When this happens, their lawns often suffer drought, over-watering, and drainage damage. This makes their lawn look terrible, which can cause them to feel embarrassed about their home’s exterior. Thankfully, artificial turf laws are both incredibly trendy and affordable right now. If you want to make the switch, you should contact a trusted lawn care service provider near you

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3. Remove Weeds Frequently 

Weed buildup is one of the most frustrating natural problems homeowners have to deal with when trying to keep their lawns healthy. By using the right weed killer, and practicing frequent weeding techniques, you can make weed growth much less of a problem. It’s important to remember, however, that not all weeds are actually bad for your lawn (and some are even beneficial)! 

4. Mow in a Consistent Fashion 

Mowing is perhaps the most common maintenance task you’ll be taking on if you want your lawn to remain healthy and beautiful. When you begin mowing, you should take careful notes about how you’re mowing your lawn, and what height you’re keeping your grass at. By mowing as consistently as humanly possible, you’ll both need to mow less, and you can mow more effectively. 

5. Avoid Underseeding 

When your lawn is damaged by drought or weeds, you’ll need to replant some grass seed to get a full, luscious lawn again. When you start the seeding process, you need to remind yourself that overseeding is not a problem. On the other hand, underseeding will lead you to waste money, and will rarely give you the amount of body you want from your lawn. Ask your lawn care specialist about what type of seed to use, and how much to use, to get a better grasp on this important lawn care maintenance task. 

6. Pest Control is Key 

Unfortunately, weeds are not the only natural pest that homeowners have to deal with to keep their lawns healthy. There are lots of insects and bacterial pests that can cause severe damage to your lawn if left unchecked. Using occasional insecticide spray and other lawn care-centric damage prevention products can help you fight these pesky pests before they become a huge, costly problem down the line. 

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7. Aerating is the Future

If you want to advance your lawn care efforts, you need to aerate your lawn. This allows you to pull plugs of soil and reduce the soil compaction around your lawn. This process ensures that your grass receives the proper amount of moisture it needs, and helps protect the quality of your topsoil. If you’re not confident to aerate your lawn on your own yet, hire a professional lawn care service to get the task done right. 

8. Use the Right Fertilizer 

Speaking of soil, you need to invest in quality, appropriate fertilizer for your lawn every year. Because the process of spreading fertilizer for a lawn is more complicated than it is for a garden, it’s highly recommended that you leave this process to the pros. Professionals will also know the exact type of fertilizer that’s right for your lawn (and how much of that fertilizer you need to get the job done as well). 

Perfect Your Lawn Care in 2022

By using the tips on this list, and professional services, you can easily perfect your lawn care in 2022. A beautiful lawn helps to keep your home stunning, valuable, and awesome. As you boost your knowledge of lawn care, you might even find that these tasks help to bring you a greater sense of inner peace. 


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