8 Reasons Why You Should Implement Online Exam Proctoring Systems

Online Exam Proctoring

Exams were conducted using paper and pencil until the advent of the internet. But today, online examinations have become more popular. The pandemic situation has changed the way of learning and attending the test. Many educational centres switched to online test-conducting as the real-time examinations were held up, increasing the demand for the remote proctoring tool. The online exam proctoring technology is the most excellent way to protect against cheating and other bad activities. It enables the candidate to attend the test virtually in their home when supervising the test integrity. Real-time monitoring offers a great assurance of the best practices and lets the school deal with the fair examination. Proctoring can be classified into different types of Online Exam Proctoring system, such as

  • Recorded proctoring
  • Live online proctoring
  • AI proctoring

Furthermore, a vital thing in the online proctored test is that candidates go through an individuality verification procedure for reliability examination purposes. It also discovers if there are any unwanted things occur.

In the modern era, the education industry uses remote proctoring to evaluate student performance effortlessly. Have you ever wondered why education implements remote proctoring? Well, this post will teach you eight reasons for using remote proctoring: 

One of the reasons for implementing remote proctoring is that they customize the proctored examination. Setting up the remote proctored test can be hassle-free and fast for the tutor.

Educators can allow remote proctoring in different steps with this excellent solution. It includes reviewing the test result, developing exams in the LMS and allowing remote proctoring.

It is simple to customize the proctored test feature for proctoring solution. But, they must combine with the accessible remote learning method. So, you can select the right features you would like to utilize like room scan, webcam, disable printing, browser lock, screen recording and more.

  • Perfect for plenty of exam types 

Everyone knows that the examination comes in paper-based, in-person, and online forms. In recent times, remote proctoring has been used for every method. For the remote proctoring paper-based examination, you need to provide the proctor with special instructions for the candidate’s behaviour.

Besides, you should create a comprehensive list of online test settings to share with other tutors. It helps you remove confusion and assures the proctoring software is used properly. The candidate must have enough time to finish the online examination. It is advised that the faculty member does not release test results until all candidates have finished the online test to avoid sharing answers.

  • Authenticate applicants ID

It is important to verify the student’s identity before starting the examination. In the case of regulations and rules, all education institutes should guarantee that every candidate who participates in the examination is the same one registered in the particular program.

When the applicant launches the online test, the remote proctoring will confine their ID with a photo for ID verification. Therefore, it helps to reduce the fraud activity in the online exam.

  • Protect school reputation and integrity 

Reputation plays an important role for the education institute. If the institute doesn’t protect online exam academic integrity, it affects its reputation. Balancing students and instructors can be a difficult job for an education institute.

The school offers remotely proctored testing by safeguarding the academic reputation and offering flexibility for tutors and students without compromising the convenience and security.  On the other hand, the accrediting body should know that the course of university and remote testing is psychologically sound.

In addition, the school and college receive certain funding that helps verify a candidate’s behaviour and identity through different methods. It includes new technologies, online proctoring, verifying identity, safe signup and password, etc.

  • Make a fair test atmosphere and Prevent cheating

A critical reason for using the online proctored exam system is that they generate a fair testing setting for every candidate. In addition, everyone knows the value of education to remain strong, and schools safeguard their reputation by putting off academic dishonesty.

Using the remote proctoring system helps prevent cheating in different ways like browser lockdown software, allowed URL site, ID verification, video monitoring and more. Many students have to access the second device during the exam. This technology can notice if the candidate can use the secondary device.

The live pop-in feature combines human proctoring and artificial intelligence proctoring, offering student’s non-disturbing testing experience. In addition, exam content protection searches the internet for illegal distribution of test questions.

  • Remove administrative burdens 

Many institutes use online proctoring services to eliminate administrative burdens. With the help of live and AI proctoring, the institute can cut requirements for human proctors, save money and make scheduling quick. In addition, implementing the remote proctoring system saves time and enhances the association’s reputation.

  • Eliminate the trouble of scheduling 

In addition, scheduling an online exam is not a simple task, even for experienced instructors. But report proctoring eliminates the scheduling trouble associated with the online examination.

It consists of advanced technology that lets students schedule their online tests whenever they desire around the clock. Therefore, you can enjoy flexible test scheduling, and there is no extra fee for modifying scheduled exams.

  • Realize how candidates engage with online test  

Proctoring solution offers in-depth reporting that allows the tutor to understand the student’s test-taking behaviour. It helps them boost the online exam pattern and drive better results for students. Tutors want clear reporting about test-taker performance in a rapid review period that is trouble-free to read.

Those looking for affordable scalability for decision making can prefer remote proctoring. It is flexible for both tutors and candidates so that the institute can implement this system. In addition, remote proctoring service charges a lower fee and aids the student to accurately estimate testing costs.


If you need to stop unfair activities during the examination, you can choose remote proctoring. There is plenty of software available in the current marketplace. The education centre and online tutor should choose the right software. Implementing the remote proctoring system helps you reach your goal and keep you stress-free!



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