9 Best Practices for a Successful Construction Bidding

9 Best Practices for a Successful Construction Bidding

Well-respected contractors receive hundreds of bids per construction project. So if you’re planning to win the bid, you must have a plan to create a good bidding proposal that stands out from all the other ones. In this way, you’ll be making the client understand why they should choose your company rather than accepting the hundreds of other firms who have applied.

This, however, is a challenging task to start with. According to research, an average construction firm bids about four to ten times before winning a construction project. So you will be investing a lot of time, workforce, and money in construction bidding.

So to make things simpler for you, here are some of the best practices you need to follow to ensure you’re submitting the best possible bids.

The best practices to follow for a successful construction bid

Use construction estimating software

The quality of your bidding proposal will depend on how organized your company is and how accurate and thorough you are with your numbers. Construction estimating software will help you quickly calculate a project estimate. It not only ensures you offer the best bid, but will also help you determine whether the project is profitable enough for your company.

The best construction estimating software will be helpful in the following ways:

  • The software will store all documents in one place, so you can access them whenever you need to
  • It will perform all the calculations for you, so you have enough time to focus on other activities
  • It will reduce instances of manual and calculation errors, enabling you to offer accurate estimations
  • Ideally, it can be integrated across various other tools used by a construction team
  • It can help you monitor live expenses and alert when a particular expense exceeds the budgeted figures. Similarly, it can help you calculate material deviations in time
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1. Start bidding early

It might be obvious or simple, but placing your bid before other contractors will significantly impact your chances of winning bids. Indeed, the first bid in a construction project usually attracts more attention and therefore has the highest probability of winning bids. Once more than ten bids have been submitted, the project owner or the general contractor will likely pay less attention to latecomers.

So you can form a bid proposal team by selecting some of the most efficient members in your company who can calculate, estimate, and then craft an effective bid for you.

2. Pick your bids carefully

When selecting where to submit bids, you must be strategic. Only use verified job searching platforms where you can sort appropriate projects as per your availability, project cost, trading, and crew skill level.

3. Know the client

To make the perfect bidding proposal, you need to know your client. Understanding your client, what they’re looking for in a contractor, and what they’re looking to accomplish with this project will help you craft an attractive bid.

For example, you can access the public records of your client and learn about their past projects, clients they’ve worked with, and how much they appreciate the contractors. You can also search for permits and other records of the client you’re bidding for.

4. Be clear

While making your business proposal, always include your scope of work and a detailed project description. Including these things in your proposal shows initiative and demonstrates that your company is well organized and prepared.

While proposing, make it extremely clear which divisions or parts of the project you’re bidding for and detail the scope for each phase. Also include the type of materials, labor, and equipment you will be bringing in and if there are any limits to your service.

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5. Include a price breakdown with the total price

The overall estimate you offer provides minimal information for the contractor. So it’s always advised to offer breakdown prices so the client can understand what you’re charging for. 

Even if you’ve placed a high price for one phase of the project, you may offer competitive prices in other areas. This increases your overall chance of winning the bid. If you’re ready to negotiate prices in any area, include details.

6. Ensure that you have liability insurance

Usually, a new project site comes with multiple risks. There’s always the possibility that a worker will be hurt on the job, and issues can arise after the project is completed. The contractor might also end up damaging the property during the process. Therefore, you must have liability insurance, which will be an added advantage when the general contractor reviews your proposal.

7. Be ready to highlight your qualifications

While crafting your bidding proposal, don’t hesitate to include your qualifications. This will help the contractor understand why you’re the best choice for the job. Showcasing your experience and qualifications is an excellent way to set yourself apart from others. If, by any chance, there’s a tie between you and another company, your good reputation will help tilt the scale in your favor.

To make a unique bidding proposal, you should share unique values and ideas with your proposal. Market your workers and employees as responsive experts who can offer customization, excellent customer service, and quality control.

8. Communicate added value

Incorporate elements of value engineering while submitting your proposals. If you know any alternative methods or processes that save some money for the client without sacrificing quality, include them in your bid. You’re also advised to specify the materials or changes in the process recommended in your proposal.


Today’s environment is quite competitive and complex. Following these practices will help you get a head start on winning construction projects. You’ll also need to have confidence in your employees and services, and focus on building a strong foundation with improved speed and accuracy.


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