9 Laundry Do’s and Don’ts That Everyone Should Know

Laundry Do's and Don'ts

Everyone does laundry, but do you do it correctly? You should know that doing laundry can be done in a wrong way which can be detrimental to your clothes. In order to keep your garments in a top shape you should continue reading our laundry do’s and don’ts.

1. Do wash your clothes on cool

A lot of people tend to wash every single load of laundry on hot because they think that boiling water will clean their clothes better. However, this is just a popular laundry myth. You can wash all of your clothing on cool which will both be more sensible on your electric bill and on your clothes. Your brights will be brighter, you will not destroy your delicates and your denim will be as good as new.

2. Don’t dry clean your clothes often

Most of the clothing that has dry clean only on their label can be washed on cool and will come out perfectly fine. Some clothing needs to be dry cleaned, but dry cleaning is not the best for the environment. Thankfully, the best alternative to dry cleaning is wet cleaning. It uses water and gentle soaps to clean your delicate clothing, ensuring your garments’ freshness but also greener Earth.

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3. Do wash your clothes inside out

Washing your clothes turned inside out will guarantee the staying power of the fabric’s colouring. Also, a lot of clothes which are more prone to being stretched out will be saved from this scary destiny. Jeans and other denim clothes will also last longer if you flip them before the wash.

4. Don’t wait long to dry

Most of us have sometimes left our washer load inside for too long once the cycle has finished. However, this practice can ruin your fabrics. What can happen to your clothes is that the colouring can transfer from one garment to another. Also, your clothes can start to smell quite bad. So, put them in the dryer fast, don’t be lazy!

5. Don’t use bleach on brights

This may come without saying, but using bleach on coloured clothing is a big no! The bleach will pull out the dye out of your items. So, reserve the bleach only for your whites. 

6. Do use the mesh bag

Mesh bags are amazing for washing delicates. Apart from the delicates, you can also put socks inside. This will guarantee that they will not get lost in the washer and your delicates will be as good as brand new.

7. Do use salt in your washer

Before washing your brights you should put a teaspoon of salt in the drum. By doing this, you will ensure your brights will not fade any time soon.

8. Don’t wash all of your clothes together

A lot of people tend to wash all of their clothes together. However, separating your clothes will make sure that they will stay in their best shape for a prolonged amount of time. Put similar colours in the washer together, darks, brights and whites should be three categories of clothing. So as not to mess up your laundry, you can separate your clothing before you even put it in the washer. Have separate laundry bags or bins for each type of clothing.

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9. Do pretreat the stains

In order to make sure your stains are the thing of the past you should always make sure you pretreat them. For example, if you’re dealing with a grass stain, you should soak it with vinegar. If you have stained your favourite white T-shirt with red wine, you should put some white wine on it to counteract the effect. 


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