A Hat In Time Metro DLC “Coming Soon” To Nintendo Switch


After many months of waiting, A Hat in Time is finally releasing for Nintendo Switch on October 18th. As footage emerged from the game, we noticed that the Switch version had some not-so-subtle hints to the Nyakuza Metro DLC pack, which is currently exclusive to the PC version of the game.

Today, Gears for Breakfast, the developer of A Hat in Time, confirmed that in fact, the DLC would be coming soon to Switch. For those unaware, A Hat in Time had struggled with releasing any of its DLC on platforms other than PC.

Initially announced for all platforms, both Seal the Deal and Nyakuza Metro have yet to make their way over to the PS4 and Xbox One, leaving many console fans out to dry.

Prior to the announcement, the DLC was discovered when navigating the file select of A Hat in Time and taking a careful look at the three options. The first option, Start Game, simply starts the adventure.

The second, Seal the Deal, brings up a brief promo image of what Seal the Deal includes while allowing for an option to enter the eShop for purchasing.

A Hat In Time Metro DLC “Coming Soon” To Nintendo Switch

However, the last option is a button for Nyakuza Metro, which brings up a full promo, just like Seal the Deal, showing exactly what is included in this DLC pack. There is even an option to go to the eShop for purchasing the content, which, when selected, opens the eShop before stating that the item is not found.

It is worth noting, though, that the promo for Nyakuza Metro only advertises the story portion of the DLC. Unlike Seal the Deal, which advertises both the Arctic Cruise and the Death Wish mode, Nyakuza Metro only advertises the Nyakuza Metro world, leaving out any mention of the 50-player Online Party Mode, which is featured on the PC version.

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This likely implies that, due to the Switch’s limitations, the Online Party Mode won’t be coming anytime soon, and the DLC would only include the story portion of Nyakuza Metro.

Unfortunately, a specific date for the DLC package was not provided, so hopefully, fans of the game will not have to wait much longer for the new content to make it to Switch.


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