AEye’s New AE110iDAR System Is Integrated Into HELLA Vehicle At IAA At Frankfurt.


AEye is an artificial perception pioneer and creator of iDAR™, a perception system that acts as the eyes and visual cortex of autonomous vehicles.

The firm today announced that its AE110 system would be an integrated component in the HELLA demonstration vehicle at IAA, the world’s largest motor show taking place this month in Frankfurt, Germany.

HELLA and AEye announced in January that the two companies had entered a joint development and manufacturing agreement to bring best-in-class ADAS solutions to global automotive OEMs. The physical co-location of AEye’s AE110 solid-state LiDAR-based artificial perception system with HELLA’s camera software and radar is the first step to a much tighter integration resulting from this collaboration.

AEye's New AE110iDAR System Is Integrated Into HELLA Vehicle At IAA At Frankfurt.

“We are very proud of the progress of our ongoing collaboration with HELLA and are excited to demonstrate our latest products to the IAA community,” said Luis Dussan, founder and CEO of AEye. “Select visitors to HELLA’s booth will be able to experience the AE110 in action and see what’s possible when two companies with a shared vision work together to deliver an exceptional product.”

“This is an important step in an already successful partnership with AEye,” said Frank Petznick, member of the Electronics executive board and head of the global product center Automated Driving at HELLA. “Together, we are developing game-changing products that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of global automotive OEMs.”

The AE110 features the industry’s only software-definable, solid-state agile LiDAR, with embedded artificial intelligence and industry-leading performance. The AE110 sensor system delivers almost quadruple information in less time and also consumes less energy, compared to conventional sensors.

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At IAA, HELLA will be demonstrating some of the unique capabilities of the AE110, including instantaneous resolution in the form of defining multiple Regions of Interest within a scene; LiDAR-first perception; a fully software-definable sensor system with a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) with full ROS support, and data management tools to import and integrate heterogeneous sensor data.


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