Air pollution is one of the Major cause of Hair Loss: Finds Study


Air pollution may cause hair loss, according to a study that tested the effect of dust and fuel particles on human scalp cells.

Researchers found that exposure to common pollutants reduced the degree of 4 proteins chargeable for hair growth and hair retention.

It conjointly showed that the impact enlarged once the number of mobile particles enlarged suggesting that those living in cities or on the point of industrial works square measure at bigger risk of going bald.

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Air pollution has already been shown to extend the chance of cancer and heart and respiratory organ diseases and is calculable to cause four.2 million premature deaths once a year. It has conjointly been connected to depression and low fertility.

Air pollution is one of the Major cause of Hair Loss: Finds Study
Air pollution is one of the major cause of Hair Loss: Finds Study

The latest study, which was funded by a South Korean cosmetics company, is said to be the first to find a relationship between airborne pollutants and hair loss.

“Our analysis checked out the science behind what happens once the cells found at the bottom of hair follicles square measure exposed to common air pollutants,” he said.

“The analysis was undertaken in an exceedingly laboratory and any analysis must be undertaken to grasp simply however quickly this affects folks frequently exposed to pollutants in their regular lives.

“It is feasible to hypothecate that at sure levels of exposure this might cause depilation, however, any population-based analysis must be undertaken to substantiate this.”

Researchers then used a scientific technique referred to as western blotting to discover the degree of proteins within the cells.

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They found bated levels of beta-catenin, a macromolecule concerned in hair growth and therefore the method of generation and regulation of follicles.

“When the cells on the human scalp were exposed to common air pollutants created from burning fossil fuels, the proteins within the cells that square measure chargeable for hair growth and hair retention were considerably reduced,” said Hyuk Chul Kwon.

“There is a lot of pollutants that the cells were exposed to, the larger this impact looked as if it would be.”


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