Amber Liu says sorry for commenting over Black man arrested


Amber Liu, a solo performer and former member of the K-Pop group f(x), apologized for a “snap judgment” reaction she had about the recent viral video of a police officer confronting and detaining a black man who was eating a sandwich on a train platform. Read on to find out more.

What even happened?

The actual altercation occurred on November 4, when a police officer came up to the man on the Bay Area Rapid Transit train platform and told him that it was against the law to eat there; the man’s friend filmed the incident on video.

Amber Liu says sorry for commenting over Black man arrested
Amber Liu says sorry for commenting over Black man arrested

Per sources, the man declined to give the officer his name, and the officer then detained him. More officers later arrived, and the man was handcuffed.

In the aftermath of the video, BART’s general manager has released a statement with an apology and the agency’s version of events: “The officer was doing his job but context is key,” it read.

Show some respect 

Amber’s comments caused backlash from fans who saw the situation as another example of racism and police discrimination in the U.S. On November 17, Amber tweeted an apology about her previous words.

“I am so sorry. I saw a video clip, made an ignorant, snap judgment, and I majorly messed up. It was my fault for not being more aware of how systematic racism in the United States has continued and gotten worse while I spent the last 10 years overseas,” she wrote. “I 100% do not stand for racism and discrimination.

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It angers me that he was singled out because of the color of his skin. It is completely unjust and I am so sorry for not seeing the whole situation and jumping to a conclusion.”

An apology is

She closed her note with support for Black Lives Matter, writing, “I’m so sorry I’ve negatively affected so many people because of my ignorance and I will continue to educate myself in the matter.”


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