An Anomalous Continuum: 3 Watches You Must See From The Vanguard Collection

Vanguard Collection

Franck Muller Vanguard watches have been dubbed as one of the most complicated running timepieces that anyone could ever wear on their wrist, and you can wear each offering with sophistication, knowing that they are made with undeniable accuracy. There is no doubt that the Swiss watchmaking household has made a name for itself in the industry with its unparalleled craftsmanship.

The household has solid roots in Haute Horlogerie, which opens up numerous capabilities in different watchmaking fields. Franck Muller watches are genuinely an anomaly as they already have a revolutionary innovation under their belt despite their meager time in the industry’s spotlight. These are some of our choice watches in the famous Vanguard collection.

Vanguard Lady Skeleton

A striking yet elegant design from the Franck Muller Vanguard line is the Lady Skeleton, which will probe every onlooker’s envy if worn on any occasion. The Skeletal structure will surprise many as it is typically seen in the men’s collection. Still, with this new iteration for the female market, it will surely be a worthy addition to your watch collection.

A see-through panel will show the stunning craftsmanship of Franck Muller. With the Vanguard design’s seamless curves, this quaint but exceptionally gorgeous Lady Skeleton watch deserves to be the next luxury watch for any taste.

Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady

The Crazy Hours Lady is certainly not for those looking for a discreet look as it screams for attention with its modern design and bold watch face elements. The Vanguard design contours the watch’s body, making it a fantastic combination that is seemingly poetic with the huge numeric digits upfront.

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The Crazy Hours Lady is a watch that will magnetize attention wherever it is worn. For those looking for a combination of the classic and elegant Haute Horlogerie of the genius of Franck Muller, then this timepiece might be a great way to showcase that preference.

Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton

The Vanguard line’s true anomaly and gravity-defying entry is the Revolution 3 skeleton that features the revolutionary triple-axis tourbillon. You can’t find anything quite like it as this specific tourbillon will correct itself from gravity forces in all physical positions. That’s quite the innovation as there hasn’t been anything before it that would defy gravity so easily.

A complex system of carriages housed for the first time in a Vanguard watch make for an unbelievably rare and accurate chronograph. When the tri-axial tourbillon watches were introduced in 2004, the world stopped and marveled at the Franck Muller household’s engineering. More than fifteen years later, this watch still surprises people with its uncanny craftsmanship.

A touch of brilliant Haute Horlogerie wisdom and evident dedication to perfection, the Revolution 3 Skeleton is the epitome of Franck Muller’s ideal of creating boldness, innovation, and creativity. If you’re searching for that specific watch that will become your pride and glory for years to come, the Vanguard Revolution 3 is a fantastic contender for that ambition.


There can’t be many households in the industry that meet so many demands and trounce so many standards like how Franck Muller does with his watches. The beauty of being late to the game but having so much talent and genius know-how in many fields of Haute Horlogerie defines the company’s vision to elevate the standard of watches for many years to come.

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You can look at Franck Muller watches‘ entire line and still see his dedication and inspiration towards every design that engulfs each eye. The industry has never had this much talent and promise in a young company since the birth of the pioneering legends in watchmaking. Hopefully, we will see their watches evolve to even greater heights.


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