Ancient Venus may have been habitable: How? -Suggested Computer models


New computer models indicate that Venus may have been livable as recently as 700 million years ago. Based on a series of feasible scenarios, Michael Way and Anthony Del Genio of the Goddard Institute for Space Science assumed that the planet may have been able to retain liquid water for two or three billion years before the environment underwent a radical modification.

Venus today is a pretty nice stand-in for Hell. It is not bad enough that its opaque atmosphere is 96.5 percent carbon dioxide or that it showers sulfuric acid.

Ancient Venus may have been habitable: How? -Suggested Computer models
Ancient Venus may have been habitable: How? -Suggested Computer models

It also possesses an average surface temperature of 462° C (864° F), which is hot sufficient to melt lead. This means that there is no opportunity of Venus having any liquid water and it is as far from being habitable, as one could comprehend.

However, detailed radar maps formed by a series of space probes over the past 40 years indicate that Venus could have had a shallow ocean. If that is the case, then the planet must have had a radically different environment that was cool enough to allow liquid water.

To see if this was feasible, Way and Del Genio ran aa sequel of five simulations based upon several levels of water range on Venus. These comprised one with an ocean 310 m (1,000 ft) deep, a shallower one with a depth of 10 m (33 ft), one where the liquid was locked in the dirt, a deep ocean with a topography similar to Earth, and one where the planet was wrapped completely with 158 m (580 ft) of water.

To mimic the Venus of 4.2 billion years ago and 715 million years ago, the set ran the scenarios through a 3D public circulation model that seized into account aa shifting atmosphere and the boost in solar radiation over durations.

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