What Are the Best Android Apps for IELTS Students to Learn English

Android Apps for IELTS

College can be very challenging for students. For many of them, google searches like buy essay fast, buy essay cheap, buy essay online is a routine thing. Indeed, a certain level of English is important to complete college studies, be good at writing research assignments, term papers, and dissertations. That is why there is a long list of requirements for international students who are applying to college. One of them is proof of sufficient English proficiency for non native speakers. There are standardized international tests that can show whether a student can communicate in spoken and written ways. IELTS is one of such tests. Learning English and writing, in particular, can be hard if you are IELTS for international students. I want to tell you about free highly rated android apps for IELTS that can make it easier for you. This blog will be about What Are the Best Android Apps for IELTS Students to Learn English.

Improve Your Writing Skills With FastEssay.net

An essay of top quality is what you need to get a high IELTS score. Examples of professional essays can be a great help to you. You can hire writers to write those for you. The first step is to place an order with an online writing service. FastEssay.net is one of those services that deliver custom papers to students.

When you place an order with FastEssay.net, you get an excellent paper with zero plagiarism written by an expert writer. It means that you pay for an assignment that will become your helper when prepping for the test. It is the most affordable way to master your essay writing skills. This method is totally worth your money.

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Learn to See Your Errors With Grammarly

It is an app (and a website) that will help you with any kind of writing errors. It checks your grammar, style, context, punctuation, and spelling. A premium version of this service can also show you how to advance your text. When you use this app on a regular basis, it gets easier for you to identify your error while proofreading your essays. Moreover, it is an effective way to enhance your vocabulary. You probably know that IELTS requires knowing many and many words, expressions, and idioms. So, with Grammarly, you can learn English from multiple sides. It’s what puts this option in the top three of my list

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Note: Every time in a while, there is a sale. It means that you can buy a subscription for a premium version of Grammarly for a really good price. 

Better Your English With IELTS Speaking Assistant App

I have this thing when it comes to me and speaking parts of tests. I get very and very nervous. If it is something that makes you nervous too, you will love the IELTS Speaking Assistant App. My favorite thing about this app is that it offers you a step-by-step study plan. Unlike many paid android apps, IELTS Speaking Assistant has a huge spectrum of tips for students. It’s more than just a guide on what you should do. It’s a source of valuable ideas for the speaking part of the test. It means that you don’t come up with anything of your own. You will have everything you need in the app. This type of help saves you a lot of your time. 

Note: IELTS Speaking Assistant provides real exam speaking topics. So, there will be no urgent situations for you at the test itself. 

Boost Your Vocabulary With IELTS Word Power

As I mentioned before, advanced vocabulary is a must for IELTS students. The IELTS Word Power app can be an excellent tool for you if you need to expand your vocabulary. It’s really easy to use, too. It offers you various exercises. Most of them are audio, which is very handy since you can listen to them. These exercises cover all kinds of topics: from culture, crime, and environment to animals, art, and education. And it’s not even a half of the list. There are also exercises covering technology, science, and business. As you can see, this app offers you a complex approach to enhance your vocabulary for IELTS. 

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Note: With the IELTS Word Power app, you can keep track of your progress. You probably agree with me that seeing progress and improvement is the best motivation for English-learners and IELTS-takers.  

Test Yourself With IELTS Flashcards

A long time ago, it’s been proven that flashcards are one of the most effective ways of studying. Based on this, The IELTS Flashcards app is on the list of the best android apps for those who are learning English to take the test in the future. If you are one of those people with great visual memory, the IELTS Flashcards app can be a great option for you. It can be a legit way for you to improve your visual memory as well. There is one thing I love about this app the most. It’s that it can be a good fit for students with different levels of English. It’s made for both intermediate and advanced students. Have you decided which one you want?

Note: If you purchase this app, you can learn small pieces of essential information from everywhere you go.


There are many useful android apps for IELTS students to catch up with their English for the test. Among those, apps are believed to be extremely effective. It’s more than just about the different approaches to learning English. As simple as it is, it’s about having those apps with you wherever you go. To get ready for IETLS, you don’t have to be stuck in the pile of books at home. Now, you can use these mobile apps and practice your language skills on the go. So, download the apps on your phone or tablet and enjoy the process of improving your English fast and easy. You should begin by checking out how to buy essay fast at FastEssay.net/buy-essay.html.


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