Android vs. iPhone: Which is Best?

Android vs. iPhone

One of the biggest brand wars of the 21st century is between Apple and Android. The iPhone has been one of the greatest innovations of the modern world, but in terms of devices sold, Android continues to outperform its competitor. 

Users tend to opt for the phone that’s most available—whether in terms of cost or based on what other devices they have. Apple, in particular, is notorious for cultivating an Apple-only tech system that’s hard to get out of. 

But considerations are more varied than these. For those looking to make a choice between an iPhone and an Android device, which is best? Keep reading for a few insights, organized by key features.

Gaming: Android

For the most part, gamers will prefer Androids, which allow for greater customization. However, this depends on which types of games a user plans on enjoying. For example, those who frequent an online casino in PA might not need a high refresh rate like those needed for eSports titles like PUBG Mobile. 

In other words, those interested in playing slots or roulette won’t need quite the same level of tech that’s required for competitive gaming. However, those who want to perfect or develop their skills will need to look for Android devices with high refresh and resolution, as well as strong battery power.

Customization: Android

As mentioned above, Androids allow for a greater degree of customization. This goes for both hardware and software. In terms of hardware, Android has over 24,000 different devices on offer. Developers can use an Android operating system, then create their own phone with unique purposes in mind, from gaming to business. 

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In terms of organization, Android users also have higher customization features for their home page, allowing them to arrange and hide apps in a format that works for them.

Security & Privacy: iPhone

According to Lifewire, one study found that 97% of all malware was created for Android devices. Even Google employees have spoken out about the high rates of security breaches related to Android devices. 

The same goes for privacy concerns. Google developed the Android operating system, which means it was created with data collection in mind. Apple, though it faces issues related to advertising, hasn’t built a business model based on sharing private data with third-party companies.

Retail: iPhone

Though Android offers better customization in terms of how apps are arranged and stored, Apple has a hold on the retail market for physical accessories, from cases to charging stations. In fact, iPhones are also a solid investment in and of themselves—they have a high resale value, which means a phone with minimal damage can be resold for a high price. The same can’t be said for Android phones, which devalue within a year or two.


Simplicity: iPhone

As mentioned above, one of the key factors to Apple’s success is its suite of tech devices. Those in the iOS world can easily sync all of their devices, from laptops to iPads to iPhones to Apple Watches. It’s a winning formula for many; for others, it’s all about keeping things simple. In other words, those who already use Apple devices will likely find an iPhone to be the intuitive option that fits easily with their existing habits. 

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Affordability: Android

Sure, iPhones have a better resale value… but part of that reason is that users will be expected to pay an exorbitant amount for a basic phone. Above, we named Android devices as the best option for gamers. Some will pay hundreds of dollars for mobile phones that are specially equipped for gaming

iPhone users, by contrast, will be paying way more for a basic phone that isn’t especially equipped to do any one thing in particular. Sure, Apple does a lot of basics really well—but is it worth the increasing price tags for each new release, which doesn’t differ greatly from previous products?


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