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Angelo Pagan
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When it comes to Hollywood, there is simply no scarcity of Hot Hollywood Spouses. Yes! The first name that comes to mind is Leah Remini’s husband, Angelo Pagan. Angelo Pagan himself is a big-time Hollywood. 

But do you know how the love story of Angelo Pagan and his wife Leah Remini began? If not, then this is a good and exciting day to read about this stunning couple. They have been walking down the red carpets hand-in-hand since 2003. Let’s take a glance at their life together, their individualities, and much more in this reading. 


Full name Angelo Pagan
Follow on Instagram @therealangelopagan
Follow on Twitter @apangelo
Available on OnlyFans NO
Follow on TikTok Angelo Pagán
Follow/Subscribe on YouTube NA
Nickname Angelo
Birthday May 16, 1968
Born in (Birthplace) Río Piedras, Puerto Rico
Height 5’11’’ 
Weight 80 KG
Body measurement 35-25-34 inches (Chest – Biceps – Buttocks)
Best features Blue eyes, brown hair
Profession Film Producer and Hollywood Actor.
Educational background San Francisco City College & San Francisco State University
School studied in San Francisco City College
Parents NA
Siblings Sonny Pagan (Brother)

Edward Pagan (Brother)

Sandra Pagan (Sister)

Net Worth $25 Million
Spouse Leah Remini


Married in 2003
  • Sofia Bella Pagan
  • Nicholas Pagan
  • Alex Pagan 
  • Angelo Pagan Jr. 
Currently lives in New York City, NY, USA
Mansion 13 Million USD worth Studio City Home in NYC


Who is Angelo Pagan? 

As mentioned before, Angelo Pagan is a big-time Hollywood Actor whom you may recognize from top-notch and vintage action & thriller movies such as Sister’s Keeper. Some other well-recognized movies by Angelo Pagan are — Garlic and Gunpowder, Restored Me, Stan the Man, Bella’s Story, Inside Out, etc. 

Angelo Pagan
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Leah-Remini and Mr. Pagan performed for The Church of Scientology Celebrity in complete SWAG

Leah-Remini and Mr. Pagan performed for The Church of Scientology Celebrity in complete SWAG

Apart from being acknowledged as one of the best actors in Hollywood, Angelo Pagan is also known popularly for his wife’s success in Hollywood. She is none other than Leah Remini. She is also best known for her work in movies and tv shows such as Mad Families, The Clapper, Second Act, Getting Up And Going Home, Follow Your Heart Film, and Phantom 2040. The couple, Leah Remini and Angelo Pagan, first exchanged vows in 2003. 

Surprisingly enough, Mr. Pagan kick-started his career in acting & Hollywood in 1989. At the time, he was only 22 years old and a completely fresh face for Hollywood lovers. Not many fans know this, but his first arrival on television was via advertisements. After obtaining success as a model/face of advertisements, he got his breakthrough in 1990 when he appeared in multiple episodes of Midnight Caller. He was signed by NBC Network. 

In the late 90s, his breakthrough in movies took him on a consistent path of success in Hollywood. Today, he has been a well-known face to the media, Hollywood viewers, paparazzi, and whatnot!

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However, apart from knowing all the public details about celebrity spouse Angelo Pagan, what else do we know? Today we present to you amazing details about Pagan’s early life, education, physique, career, and net worth. So, keep up—

How old is Angelo Pagan? 

To begin with, Angelo Pagan was born to his parents on May 16, 1968. At the time, his parents used to live in Puerto Rico in North America. To provide him with a good lifestyle and opportunities, Pagan’s parents brought him to New York City, USA. They lived in The Bronx. 

According to the calculation, Angelo Pagan is currently 54 years old. On the contrary, his wife, Leah Remini, who was born on June 15, 1970, is currently 52 years old. The couple is close in their marriage and does not have any observable generation gap. 

Further ahead, Angelo Pagan is blessed with a big and healthy family. He has three siblings. He has two brothers named Sonny and Edward Pagan. On the contrary, he has a younger sister named Sandra Pagan. All of them are younger than Angelo. The names of his parents are not disclosed yet. 

What is Angelo Pagan Height, Weight, and Body Measurement? 

Angelo Pagan is a man and actor with an amazing physique. He is 5’11’’ (Five Feet and eleven inches) tall. In meters, he is 1.8 m tall. In centimeters, he stands 180 cm tall. He is a regular gym goer and maintains stunning muscles. He weighs only 65 kilograms (130 Lbs) approximately. 

Apart from this, many Hollywood fanatics are inspired by his body measurements — 35-25-34 inches (Chest – Biceps – Buttocks). He has an almond wheatish complexion thanks to his mixed ethnicity. 

Angelo Pagan
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When it comes to beautiful body figures and stunning looks, Angel Pagan’s wife, Leah Remini, has not lost the war. 

That’s right! She stands 5 feet and 3 inches tall / 160 centimeters on the red carpet with stunning heels. She also maintains a diet and only weighs 59 kilograms (130Lbs). Leah has a curvy body type with 37 inches breast size, 30 inches waist, and 36 inches buttocks. She is Italian plus Austrian Jewish by ethnicity. On the contrary, his husband, Angelo Pagan, is pure Scicillian Jewish Descent by ethnicity. 

What is Angelo Pagan’s Educational Background? 

Brought up in New York City, USA, Angelo Pagan completed his High School at San Francisco City College. Further ahead, after graduating high school, he pursued a bachelor’s degree at San Francisco State University. 

According to the inside details, Angelo Pagan’s interest in acting developed between his years in high school. He strongly felt about building a career in modeling and acting in his early semesters at the University. Hence, after obtaining his degree, he launched himself on the pathway of his dreams of Hollywood. 

Surprisingly enough, Mr. Pagan’s better half, a.k.a. Leah Remini, is also a college graduate. She is pursuing Liberal Arts at New York University. What’s more surprising is that she has never obtained a college education up until now. In May 2022 — She passed her first semester and shared her unexplainable happiness with her fans on social media. 

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Did you know? Leah Remini’s childhood was spent in Bensonhurst in New York City. For 8 years, Leah was led to the pathway of God as a Roman Catholic. However, later on, she and her family became Scientologists. Her mother was a big-time member of the Church of Scientology in Bensonhurst, NYC. 

For your information, Scientology is quite a developing belief system (religion) in the USA. In this religion, followers believe in growth through study and training. Erika Christensen, Tom Cruise, Nancy Cartwright, and Kirstie Alley are some well-known celebrities who have expressed their participation in the belief system of Scientology. 

What does Angelo Pagan do for a living? 

For the most part, Angelo Pagan is one of the prominent faces of Hollywood. He has been trailing his career in Hollywood Films and TV Shows since 1989. Surprisingly enough, in the past, Angelo Pagan has been associated with other prominent members of Hollywood such as Tzi Ma, Emerson Brooks, and Vincent Laresca. 

Not only this but he also has been associated on-screen with his beloved wife, Leah Remini, in movies such as Sister’s Keeper. Fans saw both of them on-screen during the premiere of Swordfish. 

Apart from being the face and the breath of some movies, you will be surprised to know that Angelo Pagan himself is also a film producer. For many years, he has been working on his own production films that you will hopefully see on the big screen someday. Mr. Pagan produced some of the best-known movies, including — 7th & Union, Almost a Woman, Garlic and Gunpowder, Kiss Shot, Lansky, Restored Me, and Bella’s Baby. 

With such high-end movie careers in Hollywood, both Angelo Pagan and Leah Remini seem to challenge each other with new movies and complex roles. In 2018, Leah Remini’s latest movie was called “Second Act,” co-starring Jennifer Lopez. Since then, Remini has been working on other movie projects which are not been disclosed yet. On the contrary, Mr. Pagan dropped his latest movie, 7th & Union, in 2021. 

What is Angelo Pagan’s Net Worth in 2022? 

Originally from Puerto Rico, Angelo Pagan is one of the charming and handsome faces of Hollywood. His acts in both genres — romantic as well as action has caused his fan-following to drop a jaw from time to time. Yet, of course, one factor that always increases the curiosity of fans is money. How much money did Angelo Pagan earn from his movies? What is Angelo Pagan’s Net Worth in 2022? Don’t worry! We have all the gory details —

To begin with, according to the 2022 Celebrity Net Worth estimation, Angelo Pagan’s Net Worth stands at $25 Million. Such a high net worth range in 2022 speaks for itself. Angelo Pagan has given all his efforts to the acting and production of films and TV shows. It seems in the future, Mr. Pagan will come back with many new movie projects and roles. Hence, stay tuned!

Pagan Angelo
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Unfortunately, Angelo Pagan’s salary for his top-market movies, such as Sister’s Keeper, is unknown. Mr. Pagan has rarely conversed about his financial stature in public or in guest interviews in the past. Thus, this is all we know!

What is Angelo Pagan’s Wife’s Net Worth? How much does Leah Remini earn?

Hollywood Actress and face of latest Jennifer Lopez’s film Second Act; Leah Remini’s Net Worth 2022 also stands at $25 Million, equivalent to her husband. In the past few years, Leah Remini (Angelo Pagan’s Wife) has obtained immense success in the Hollywood Film Industry as a supporting actress, Sitcom Queen, Co-Star, as well as a mainstream face. 

To the reader’s surprise, Leah Remini has also pursued her career as a writer & author thanks to her latest publishing called “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology” in 2017. Surprisingly enough, the book obtained immense success in NYC and became the No.1 seller. Without a doubt, it also brought money and goodwill to the family. 

Does Angelo Pagan have kids? 

Well! Well! In the event that you are wondering if the dreamy face from Hollywood is a father yet. Your guess is right! Angelo Pagan is a father to his four beautiful kids named as follows —

  • Sofia Bella Pagan – She was born in 2004. She is currently 18 years old.
  • Nicholas Pagan
  • Alex Pagan 
  • Angelo Pagan Jr. 

Information regarding his other kids has not been disclosed. He had all his four kids with Leah Remini. 


Without a doubt, Angelo Pagan has obtained a big-time Hollywood celebrity status along with his wife, Leah Remini. The couple is living grateful lives together with their kids in New York City. Do you have some information that we have missed? If yes, drop it in the comment section. For the daily gossip section, join us anytime on this page. Thank you!


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