Hasbulla- Differences in age, stature and a rare genetic ailment link him to Lionel Messi.



If you use Instagram or TikTok, you have probably seen Hasbulla, a cute, happy star with many fans. Lionel Messi, a great soccer player for Argentina and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), has been linked to Hasbulla only recently. Some quick data on Hasbulla:

About Hasbulla

Hasbulla Magomedov, from the Russian Republic of Dagestan, has become a viral sensation since using Instagram in 2010. Hasbulla has 2.4 million followers on Instagram and TikTok and has been featured in several viral videos.

Khabib Nurmagomedov grew up in Dagestan. He is the former UFC Lightweight Champion and the only mixed martial artist who has never lost a fight. Hasbulla got the name “Mini Khabib” because he faked Khabib’s UFC 229 weigh-in; there is a persistent but false rumour that he is Khabib’s biological son and is friends with Khabib Nurmagomedov in real life.

Some say Hasbulla is “good friends” with a famous fighter. This isn’t proven by anything other than a few public appearances by both sides.

Why do so many men seem to be so obsessed with Hasbulla?

Hasbulla Magomedov is in a small group of historical figures, like Teddy Roosevelt and Jack Nicholson, whose legacies are based on lives well lived. Like the 26th President of the United States, Hasbulla has won against all odds by using only his brains and fists. Hasbulla is a fuckhead, just like the well-known actor.

Even though he isn’t the right height, he makes up for it by being the best example of a man. A perfect balance of yin and yang, and a man that all other men should try to be like.

One thing about him is his high-pitched laugh, which Leonard Cohen once called the “hidden chord.” Other things include his carefree and almost laugh-out-loud funny outlook on life, his compassion for other people, and his lifelong love of nature, especially cats and birds (you know, the one that David played, and it pleased the Lord). This kid still makes time for his family and sometimes says a quick prayer.

On the other hand, he is known for rolling up his sleeves and trading punches with anyone who has wronged him. He is also very ambitious and always wants fast cars, money, and a good life. Because sometimes you have to tell a motherfucker that the time is up.

Hasbulla Magomedov has all of these traits and even more. Make yourself the perfect meme, the long-awaited saviour… A one-meter-tall version of Fredrich Nietzsche’s idealised Übermensch.

When did Hasbulla arrive on Earth? How high does Hasbulla stand?

Hasbulla is 18 years old, even though he looks like a baby (or 19 years old, depending on which version you believe on social media). Hasbulla is only about 3 feet and 3 inches tall, which makes him look like a little boy. But don’t be fooled by how sneaky he looks. He is the newest viral superstar on the Internet.

So, why is Hasbulla so popular?

Hasbulla videos on YouTube show him talking to a monkey, partying in the Burj Khalifa, fighting MMA fighters twice his size and then running for his life, riding on Khabib’s shoulders, and, of course, kicking Abdu Rozik in the shins.

Fans have been asking for a “Hasbulla vs. Abdu Rozik” fight since they got into a fight outside a big UFC in Las Vegas.

Hasbulla has gotten more than 3 million Instagram followers since 2020, starting in November.

Last year, the video he made criticising MMA (mixed martial arts) helped him become a big internet star on the app TikTok.

After his fake weigh-in, people started calling him “Mini Khabib,” a reference to the professional MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov. It’s gotten to the point where the two often work together on things.

Hasbulla is well-known, even though he is short, because of a medical condition that makes him weak.

He has a large following among Muslims because he believes strongly in Islam and isn’t afraid to talk about it publicly.

Hasbulla is a popular topic for memes on Scottish social media accounts.

In 2022, someone sent a Scottish newspaper a picture of the Russian star when the paper had asked for pictures of kids playing in the snow.

Scholars will probably never agree on where Hasbulla’s popularity came from. Everyone agrees on one thing: Hasbulla’s fame went through the roof when he challenged Abdu Rozik, also known as “The Borgir Kid,” and held a press conference before the match.

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Even as a young boy, he loved sports and dreamed of participating in mixed martial arts one day. He couldn’t become a professional MMA fighter because of his health, so he started making spoof videos of MMA fights to share on TikTok. People watched a lot of his videos on TikTok. A fake video of him acting like Russian MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov went viral, bringing him to the attention of many people. Khabib Nurmagomedov met Hasbulla in person after the viral video and told him how happy he was for him. In an interview, Nurmagomedov said this about Hasbulla:

He needs to go to the United States because all top athletes know who he is. He needs to move to the United States for a few years and maybe become a billionaire. At the very least, he could make a million dollars. They’re willing to pay him a lot of money to compete. Overseas, he has a huge number of fans.

Hasbulla has challenged Tajik singer Abdu Rozik, who has the same illness, to a mixed martial arts match in May 2021. The MMA fight got much attention on social media, but the Russian Dwarf Athletic Association (RDAA) did not approve of it because it was unfair. Hasbulla said in an interview about the conflict when he was asked about it,

Who’s this person, Abdu Rozik? This guy is the worst. One who sings for a living. It would be embarrassing to fight a singer, and this fight makes no sense.

What’s Hasbulla’s condition?

Dwarfism, also called Growth Hormone Deficiency, is the cause of many of Hasbulla’s strange traits, including his very short height (about 100 centimetres).

Growth hormone deficit (GHD) is a disorder in which the anterior pituitary gland doesn’t make enough growth hormone. People with GHD are short but have normal body proportions in other ways.

Some of the things that people with this disorder may feel are fatigue, worry, hopelessness, and a strong sense of being alone in the world.

Hasbulla’s ability to laugh at the chaos around him is one of the many things that make him likeable.

How come Hasbulla is so short?

You might also ask, “What does Hasbulla have in common with Lionel Messi?” and expect the same answer. A doctor recently posted a video to TikTok saying that the Russian known as “mini Khabib” has a rare genetic condition called Growth Hormone deficiency. This is a disorder in which the pituitary gland in the brain doesn’t make enough growth hormone, which causes symptoms like being short and having a high voice.

Lionel Messi was diagnosed with a lack of Growth Hormone when he was ten, but his family could not afford to treat him. Luckily, Barcelona Football Club offered to pay for his treatment, and his family moved from Argentina to Spain. There, he went on to dominate Spanish and European football for years.

What is Hasbulla’s net worth?

Hasbulla keeps his money a secret, but he thinks he has more than $100,000.

Maybe he will follow through on his threat to “punish Conor McGregor” because the Irishman “talks too much” and takes on Abdu Rozik, Rafael Fiziev, or the whole world of mixed martial arts one day. The pay-per-view money starts coming in on “red-pants night.”

Please, Dana White, make this happen. Start talking to the Russian Dwarf Athletic Association right away. Or any other sports group that wants to take on the challenge. The big fight in the show has finally arrived.

Agreement between UFC and Hasbulla

Igor Lazorin, an MMA journalist, says that Hasbulla Magomedov, a Dagestani social media star, has signed a five-year deal with the UFC. Just not the way you thought.

This is a slap in the face for me! Lazor’s latest Instagram post said, “Hasbulla signed a five-year deal with the UFC!”

So far, the plan has been to go to tournaments and hold press conferences. We won’t say much, but he is getting much more than most boxers.

The big event’s organisers have not confirmed it yet, but it doesn’t come as a surprise since Mini Khabib is a mainstay of modern mixed martial arts (MMA) culture.

At UFC 267, when Islam Makhachev knocked out Dan Hooker of New Zealand. Hasbulla walked into the Octagon next to Khabib Nurmagomedov, who was much bigger. At the same event in Abu Dhabi in October, Hasbulla saw Petr Yan knock out Cory Sandhagen, and Glover Teixeira beat Jan Blachowicz for the light heavyweight title.

Lastly, he has a beef with former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor and a joke beef with UFC lightweight Rafael Fiziev (more on later).

Above and beyond this, it’s no secret that Hasbulla enjoys what comedian Tony Ferguson calls his “Dana White Privilege.” The UFC president has a soft spot for little Hasbi, just like the rest of us.

The NFT and Hasbulla Scam

Hasbulla Magomedov, like many famous people with many followers on social media, used his newfound fame to make money off of the NFT craze.

The first series came out on April 14, 2022, and each NFT made the online celebrity look like a new character from mainstream media. There is also an Instagram account for Crypto Hasbulla with links to download all his NFTs.

Anyone who wants to own one can buy Hasbulla NFTs on the OpenSea platform with Ethereum.

Several not-so-obvious facts about Hasbulla

  • Hasbulla’s MMA parody and prank videos have made him a big deal in Russia.
  • Even though his health status isn’t known for sure, news reports say he may be short.
  • Since he was a child, he wanted to be a mixed martial arts fighter, but his illness kept him from doing it for a living.
  • After that, he made spoof and prank videos about mixed martial arts on his TikTok account.
  • Hasbulla got a lot of attention because of a video he made that made fun of the Russian MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov. The video went viral very quickly, and he was finally able to meet Khabib.
  • Hasbulla has asked Tajik singer Abdu Rozik, who has the same illness, to fight in a mixed martial arts match in May 2021. The Russian Dwarf Athletic Association (RDAA) thought the contest was unethical, so they didn’t let it happen, which excited online communities.
  • Hasbulla likes to be around cats and has one as a pet.
  • He has done a lot of work with both ATVs and helicopters.


Fans of Mini Khabib will tell you that the 19-year-old star’s instant wrath makes up for the fact that he doesn’t have growth hormones. To show this, about halfway through the otherwise intellectual event, a classic case of “lost in translation” caused Hasbulla to hit the figurative pause button before letting loose on the skilled Mr Pressley with everything he had packed into his tiny fists.


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